Advice 1: How is the accreditation of the University

Universities must pass the state certification every five years. This process confirms the quality of the educational institution and its right to issue diplomas of the state sample. The time had come to see how in fact is the certification of the universities.
How is the accreditation of the University

State accreditation is a confirmation or establishment of the state of the status of higher educational institutions by type and kind (College, Institute or University), level of programmes, their focus, and the quality of training of graduates. The newly organized separate branches or universities, as well as new specialty can obtain accreditation only after the first release. Any University must provide the necessary documents at the first request of the incoming students. Additional information about the educational institution may be consulted in the Rosobrnadzor. Accreditation the University is different from accreditation of its program. The curriculum of a College or University approved by the Minister of education of the Russian Federation, any University can be accredited and not accredited programs the main reason – poor quality. If in school you pass a non-accredited program, and a state diploma is not worth waiting. Accreditation can be unexpected, as a rule, it involved specialists conducting the analysis of the quality of the educational institution. Accreditation may also participate in the students are testing a special program that will allow you to confirm the reputation of the University. Validated the scientific program and the quality of education, estimated recruitment and the conditions of education. Considerable attention was being paid to the sites of the University, transparency and validity of information posted. After the successful accreditation of the University are given a certificate and some kind of enclosure, where they are accredited specialty. The certificate may indicate the type of educational institution (high school). No one branch can not be self-certified without the head office. Each branch must have the mandatory copy of the certificate and application. If the University for whatever reason could not be accredited, the national accreditation Agency can give an institution a time, to improve the overall situation. Accredited higher educational institution is considered to be more reliable and prestigious, the University will receive state support, and students rely all the benefits provided for by the legislation.

Advice 2 : How to obtain accreditation at the Embassy

In order for your firm to cooperate with foreign companies directly, it must be accredited at the Embassy (or General Consulate) of the country where your business partners.
How to obtain accreditation at the Embassy
Contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country, with citizens which you have signed the cooperation agreement. Imagine all the documents showing your credentials, namely:- the certificate of registration of the legal entity;- certificate of registration with your organization on the tax account; certified copies of statutory documents of your organisation and print sample;- information about your business partners and their certificate of registration;- power of attorney issued on the name of the courier from your company authorized to sign the contract;- certified copy of his passport.
Attach documents to a letter composed in the name of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador or Consul General, representing the country where your business partners. The letter should contain a request for your firm's accreditation for work on the territory of another country.
If the Embassy deems it necessary to grant your request, you will receive a certificate of accreditation not later than 2 months after treatment.
If you work for the tourist market as a tour operator, the package of documents which must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate General to be somewhat different from the usual. In addition to the already mentioned documents, you will need to submit to the Ambassador (the Consul) for consideration:- the certificate on including information about the tour operator in EFRT ("international tourism");- list of travel agencies with which you collaborate on the territory of the Russian Federation, certified by the officers, with such powers;- a special application for accreditation, written on the form provided on the website of each Embassy.
Please note: if your firm will accept in the process of cooperation with foreign business partners any violation, in their view, the accreditation is withdrawn.

Advice 3 : What is the accreditation of the educational institution

State accreditation of higher educational institutions is a necessary measure for the implementation of University educational activities, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. During the accreditation the UNIVERSITY is checked for compliance with specified criteria.
What is the accreditation of the educational institution
Accreditation of the University is a confirmation of state-level quality services in various fields. In Russia higher education institutions to implement educational activities and issuance of state diplomas must receive confirmation and permission from the state.

The procedure of

Upon expiration of the license or the formation of a new specialty educational institution must submit an application with attached documents in Rosobrnadzor, after which the application is considered within 105 days and appointed experts. The accreditation Commission should verify the compliance of indicators of educational activities of the University with the established state criteria. The content of education is not subject to licensing. According to the results of the examination conducted by the Board, the Accreditation Board of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation adopts a decision on issuing a license.

Confirmation of passing University state accreditation is the issuance of the certificate of state accreditation.
The University the certificate States: the license number, date of issue, name of the institution and its legal form, its location, type and kind (Institute, University, Academy) education institutions and accreditation. At the moment the term of the license obtained by the University lasts for 6 years.

The certificate of state accreditation of educational institution attached to the application, without which the license is valid. The application specifies: the list of professional educational programs on which the school has the right to issue a state diploma, the maximum number of students, percentage of teachers with degrees and advanced degrees needed to teach. Accreditation certificate and Annex to it certified by an official stamp and signed by the Minister of education of Russia.

In the case of the open University a new specialty she can't have certificate of state accreditation. The fact that the procedure of accreditation as the University as a whole, is only possible after the first release. In this case, the students of this intake should be in the process of studying constantly interested in with the University management about whether the filed documents to obtain a state license. Otherwise, students may be issued a diploma that has no value.

Accreditation of branches of higher educational institutions is carried out simultaneously with the licensing of the main educational institutions, because branches are part of it.

Right of the University to obtain the license

The certificate gives educational institution the right to provide benefits to students and prospective students of the University, which conform to the legislation of the Russian Federation (scholarships, increased scholarships, Dorm room). Students of internal form of training INSTITUTION has the right to grant a delay from service in army for a period before graduating from the University.

After obtaining a license of the state sample, the higher education institution receives the right to issue state diplomas. The certificate entitles the University to use print with the State emblem of the Russian Federation. State diploma the UNIVERSITY has the right to issue only for those professions which are listed in the Appendix of the certificate. All of the above applies to both budgetary, and paid departments.

Thus, the accreditation of educational institutions – this permission is the main educational body of the state, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the training specialties of higher educational institution, as well as confirmation of its conformity with established criteria.

Advice 4 : How to obtain accreditation of the photographer

In order to take good pictures is not enough just to buy a camera and take courses photographers. Problem may be getting access to interesting events and permission to take photos there. Such approval is called accreditation.
How to obtain accreditation of the photographer

Why need accreditation?

Novice photographers are often faced with the necessity of getting accreditation for various events: concerts, exhibitions, sports matches, opening ceremony and so on. Of course, in some cases, you can just buy the ticket and take photographs on a General basis, however, accredited photographers are provided with far greater opportunities: access to a special area for the press, the right to withdraw at press conferences and so on.

Note that the larger the edition from which you are accredited, the more chances for a positive decision on accreditation. This is especially true of large events.

Accreditation may be required not only for taking pictures at events, but also to visit sensitive sites, industrial premises, protected areas. For example, if you want to photograph a plane taking off at close range, you will have to attend the accreditation and permit.

For those photographers who work in the state of printed or electronic media, the process of obtaining accreditation, as a rule, does not cause special difficulties. As the publication itself has an interest in illustrative material for publication was high quality, the management of the edition itself engaged in a process of accreditation of the correspondent and the photographer.


If you have not yet taken the staff of a newspaper, magazine or Internet news portal, but plan to cooperate with them, then accreditation will have to deal with yourself. You first need to know the contact details of the event organizers and people responsible for information security. Typically, this involved specialists in PR, advertising, marketing. They need to consult on the subject of what form you want to make a claim for accreditation and to whom to address it to.

It is not necessary to start a career with scams and unlawful photography. It will ruin your reputation, and in some cases can even lead to trouble with the law.

In the request to the responsible for the accreditation of a person please include your full name, contact information, purpose of accreditation and the name of the media, whose interests you purport to represent. Of course, before that you need to agree with the editors, because your powers can be tested. To deal with obtaining the necessary permits in advance, since the number of invitations to the press are almost always limited.

Finally, if you are linked to any media outlet, and to get the accreditation you need, you can go directly to the event organizers, or management of the company, providing his past work as an example. It is possible that you will give permission to shoot.

Advice 5 : The most prestigious universities of the Ministry of interior

On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are 20 higher educational institutions of the Ministry of interior. Among them three universities, 5 academies and 13 universities. Further branches were opened universities in different cities of Russia.
Nizhny Novgorod Academy of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
The prestigious University is the Academy of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, which prepares managers and staff officers for the territorial bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the state and military forces. Also training scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel. The University produces professionals who combine deep professional knowledge, moral qualities. Branches of the University opened in Ufa and Essentuki.
Saint Petersburg University of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation — educational institution that deals with training, the training of staff for bodies of the MIA of Russia and foreign countries. Previously, the University was the Highest political school of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the state. On its basis was established the first University in the system of internal troops. The main areas of study are Humanities and social Sciences, pedagogy and education, management and Economics, information security, military education, computer science and engineering. In the Kaliningrad branch of the University.
In the far East is one of the best educational institutions of the Ministry — the East Siberian Institute of MIA of the Russian Federation. The University is located in Irkutsk. Students get education for law enforcement, judicial examination of the right of national security. The Institute was successful in establishing cooperation with foreign States: conducting joint scientific conferences, theoretical seminars and research. Also carries out exchange of law enforcement professionals from the United States. The leadership of the Institute pays special attention to sports. Some students are participants of the Olympics and the World police games.
Among the entrants popularity of Ural juridical Institute of MIA of Russia, which is located in Yekaterinburg. The University has such departments as "training of investigators, Training of criminal police and public security police", "law Enforcement". Also have departments of distance learning and additional professional education. The University has a graduate school. The mission of the Institute opened in Kurgan.
Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the MIA of Russia — a leading Russian University, which prepares highly qualified specialists for work in bodies of internal Affairs. The Academy has 6 faculties and 2 branches in the cities of Kirov and Saransk. For admission to the Academy must pass the entrance exams in social studies and physical education.
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