Find out all the mobile operators that serve your area. To obtain this information you can use the Internet, friends, commercials. To avoid confusion – write the names of the companies and their offices on a piece of paper, leaving space for the detailed information that you will receive later.
Then think about what services you need most: phone calls, messages, Internet, or the ability to use roaming. On paper you can prioritize in a table.
Then go for obtaining of detailed information for each item. To do this, visit offices, find out the opportunities and the cost of connecting the various tariffs. Typically, mobile operators can choose the most convenient for you tariff plan, based on your preferences. For example, you need to constantly use the Internet so learn about the connectivity options, packages, unlimited use.
You can also find information using the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of each company. For example, mobile operator "MegaFon" On the page top select your region. Then click on "Tariffs", review the information. Then go to "Services", "Action", if necessary. All the information you write down on a piece of paper.
Do the same with the other cellular operatormi. JSC "MTS" - "Beeline" - etc. On all the above websites have forums where you can ask all your questions.
Plays an important role and coverage area, for example, you like to relax out of town – check the possibility to use a connection there. Then compare all the information received, select the best result for yourself.