Black cat – hidden danger!

Black cat is a favorite character of people's will. As you know, if a black cat way to go – not to escape trouble. Necessarily superstitious spit three times over your left shoulder, will take up a button or twist thumb in my pocket, all the negativity went away. Some people even prefer to stay and wait until someone else will go after a cat, or attempt to change the trajectory of the animal in order to rid themselves of problems.
American folk wisdom says that black cat, found by chance on the doorstep, must be fed, otherwise the owner will pursue unhappiness.

Why a black cat?

What is the reason for prejudice against these graceful animals? In Slavic mythology, the black cats have the reputation as the personification of evil forces. According to the ancestors, they are directly associated with witches and sorcerers. This is reflected in folk tales and literature, to recall, for instance, Gogol or "the Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov. Ancestors believed that black cats can perfectly find a common language with brownies so they are first admitted to an empty house during the housewarming. However, they have always been treated with caution to these mysterious creatures and tried to avoid encounters with them.

Good luck on the tail of the black cat

About black cats and walks good reputation. For example, in Egypt they are considered to be the temple animal of good fortune and protecting from evil spirits. But English folklore States that if there is a black cat – the owners are always intrigues and love Affairs on the side. There is a funny belief that the cat dark suit, somebody sneezing on the wedding near the bride brings good luck in family life. The English king and part-time happy owner of a black cat Carl I believed that it brings good luck and prosperity, and therefore, even put to animal protection.
According to Slavic legend, a black cat during storms may attract lightning, it should be mandatory to get out of the house.

Black cat is the healer and protector

Black cats with a powerful energy that can protect the home from damage and the evil eye, and to draw from them the negative energy. Moreover, these animals always feel the sore spots of the owners and go to them to heal. If domestic cats were born two kittens - ginger and black, then you need to give it red and black have to be left behind in the house to bring good luck. To believe in omens or not – everyone's business, but it should be remembered that the road crossed the black cat always carries her tail of trials and tribulations.