Whether to continue communication with her ex-husband, or completely erase from his life – to resolve this issue, every woman should own. First and foremost it depends on what sense is she's the man. They are very subjective, it is sometimes difficult to explain to others, and whether it is necessary? In the end, the family decide the case only husband and wife, even if they break up.
And you can still trace a few of the typical situations in which the costs to continue the dialogue with the ex-spouse, or, conversely, not to do it in any case.

When it is necessary to continue the dialogue

The first and most compelling reason to continue communication with her ex-husband are children. For a child valuable both parents, he needs dad and mom. And educate him to be responsible for his life, health and development, parents should equally, regardless of whether they live together or apart.

Even if after a divorce the spouses think that they were completely strangers, they will have to work together to solve the issues related to education, training, financial support of the child. And if they learn to do it in a calm, business-like, without quarrels and scandals – and they will win, and, most importantly, their children.

It also happens that people break up but continue to be friends. Yes, the family did not, and the reasons for this may be as much as necessary. But the attitude to each other, the former husband and wife remained generally positive. Why not continue the communication, not as spouses but as friends or good friends? After all lived together for years together two people, why tear this relationship to end?

When to stop communicating

And yet, often, or divorce, spouses no longer wish to have each other nothing to do. Most often it happens in the following three situations.

If a man left the family, and the woman continues to love it and suffers from it, then it's probably best not to torment itself and to cease communication, at least for a while. It is not necessary to reopen a fresh wound, and to live with the memories and regrets. The less new life will be the woman reason to remember the tragedy, the easier it will be able to recover and move on.

If a strong resentment, anger for her ex-husband, communication should also be minimized, at least for a period of time until the passions subside. Perhaps reassured, the couple will be able to more constructively resolve property, financial and other issues associated with divorce. Even if you have a trial, better if it will be in a relaxed business atmosphere.

And the biggest reason to end any relationship with her ex-husband – if he has done something that in the minds of women are not compatible with the image of a man. And let people think that this act can be forgiven, the behavior of a spouse can be justified. If internally a woman can't do – further communication with her ex-husband for her becomes impossible and even dangerous. It is able to disturb her peace of mind, and in some cases may actually threaten the lives and welfare of her children.