Who suggested a bra for a man's wardrobe?

"Ahead of the rest", as in so much of what is called Hi-tech, are the ubiquitous Japanese. It is their "advanced" and tolerant managers came up with the idea to please of the male population of his country and later the world, another invention of the category of "well forgotten old" — the bra.

And please do without the quotes, as the demand for a new item of men's underwear, unexpectedly even for the developers themselves, has far exceeded the supply. How do I find the market researchers, the reasons for such a stir was a lot, and they are not related to sexual orientation or gender.


The developers themselves are not without surprise, explain that the idea of producing "busts" for men, and is quite a masculine and heterosexual, came to them from the future consumers.

According to the latter, wearing soft and quite comfortable for them bras under white office shirt and black suit allows you to feel more balanced and calm. Including during the terrible stress and work problems. And even increases self-esteem!


Oddly enough, but big fans of ambiguous for many innovations proved to be very brutal with mind the fans of a healthy lifestyle and just athletes. According to some of them, like a piece of clothing not only promotes proper posture and gait, but also visually increases the chest. Makes it heavier and, no matter how ridiculous it sounds a little more masculine.

Looks like a bra as a tight t-shirt with sewn inside the "pectoral muscles" of foam. It costs about $ 50.
One of the companies specializing in the manufacture of bras for men, conducted a study and found out that more complete men "to face" camisoles in black, and with sports figures — white.


Used bras and those who suffer from a fairly common among men with gynecomastia. As explained by some athletes, when running they are great prevent "Bouncing" nipples, and wearing a tight breast bra is the only way out of such a sticky situation.

Very annoying protruding from under his shirt, or worse, form-fitting t-shirts too swollen nipples and ordinary men are very ashamed of their "shortcomings" and all the forces seeking to disguise. A tight bra during gynecomastia treatment is almost the only salvation. Moreover, after surgery to reduce nipple "bust" such men, as a rule, is no longer required.

Men snore

Quite unexpected was the moral support of the Japanese invention of ordinary women. More precisely, the wives of the main consumers of such intimate products. It turned out that due to wearing bras, their husbands stopped snoring, and bedroom during sleep peace and quiet.

Reigned he in boxes in the closet, because now the wives did not have to sacrifice their underwear. After all, their loved ones have the opportunity to have your own bras and even "outfits.
In the United States tested the built in bra is an electronic sensor capable of giving an alarm signal in case of stress. Including with overeating. The signal is triggered only if a bra worn by a woman. Men he didn't react.

Bra as an object for stimulation

One of the men, with understanding and even joy threats to the bras in their own wardrobe, seriously argues that the wearing of this item greatly increases their attraction to women. Supposedly, it promotes a rush in the body testosterone and increase potency even without the use of viagra. It remains to take their word for it...

Incidentally, the producers themselves are very happy that their products are in such demand from ordinary men, loving women. And proudly say: "We just develop and produce attractive luxurious underwear for men. And to wear it or not wear — your right!".

Male feminists

Finally, the last and probably the smallest group of fans of such unusual underwear, called "feminine men". It refers to those who like trying a little to Express or to underline the femininity own actually, men's nature.

The latter, incidentally, should not be confused with a transvestite and, especially, transgender MtF (male-to-female, "male to female"). After the first receive psychological and even sexual pleasure from periodic wear which is lingerie, and not converted men. And the second and all are usually women, though not biological, but only gender and mental. So what to wear "real" bras, just like everything else, for transgender people МtF quite natural and even reasonable.