First you have to open an account in savings Bank of the Russian Federation. It is on the account, opened in SBRF, and will be transferred funds upon receipt of the state housing certificate. The number of the invoice will notify the structure which will issue a certificate. These actions should be a maximum of two months before receiving it.
Contact the real estate Agency, which works with housing certificates. First you have to find the list. This can be done either online, or upon receipt of the document. Moreover, the certificate can serve for a full or partial repayment of the value of the property or for a down payment. Each area has a separate Agency. When applying please present the original housing certificate.
Choose the one you like and is available under the terms of the housing certificate housing. Definitely negotiate the price. Try to avoid making their own funds, if the certificate requires payment of the full cost.
Be sure to make a contract of purchase and sale of real estate. This contract must be certified in the service of the state registration of real estate transactions. Within five working days you will receive a certificate of state registration of the contract.
Take the registered agreement and contact the office of the savings Bank, which received funds for the implementation of the housing certificate. Write a statement in which specify details of the contract, details of the parties, the place of conclusion of the transaction and require the transfer of funds to the seller of real estate.
Will definitely receive from the seller a receipt that acknowledges the receipt of money. Then sign the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment.
With the act, a contract of sale and receipt of funds the seller will contact the office of property registration. They should issue you a certificate of ownership of the apartment.
Let the number of the certificate, other details in the service that issued you a housing certificate. Form of reporting may be different. Find out about it on the spot.