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  • Description of credit programs of banks.
Clearly indicate the Bank that offers the lowest interest rates on loans cannot be. It all depends on a number of factors. So, account is taken of the amount and period of loan; collateral and guarantors; borrower's credit history; the existence of the salary card of the Bank; - lending purposes. In most cases, banks set a minimum interest rate on the loan. At this point, that the amount will be determined on an individual basis. Therefore, a low interest rate is often just a marketing ploy and approved by the limited number of people.
Almost all banks interest rates on loans are about the same. They are +5 points from the current refinancing rate of (8.25), i.e. 13%. But for certain categories of citizens banks offer preferential terms.
Usually the best offer on the loan you can get in that Bank in which you get paid. To such borrowers banks are always the most loyal, because they are more transparent from the point of view of financial stability analysis. Payroll customers can often expect to reduce the interest rate to 1-4% in comparison with the General conditions.
Better deals on interest rates relate to the target loans. In this case, the client does not receive hands on cash, and the money is sent directly for payment of goods and services. For example, to buy thus goods in the Summer the Bank (the loan "I choose", the rate from 10.48%), Cetelem Bank (the loan "Without overpayment" rate from 6.9%), to pay for treatment at the Centre-invest (the loan "Without collateral", the rate of 12%).
Low interest rates are set at a number of banks for borrowers who want to obtain education loan funds. For example, educational loans with a rate of 12% are Sberbank and Gazprombank. In Rosinterbank can I get a loan for a business education at the rate of 10% and higher - from 11%.
To take advantage of privileges in the form of lower rates today may be certain categories of borrowers. Thus, Sviaz-Bank has a loan program with a rate of 12.9% for state employees, In Gazprombank - for military personnel and gas industry (13%).
A number of banks have joint lending programs with automobile manufacturers. For example, in "Rusfinance Bank" credits for the purchase of Fiat issued at the rate from 6.9% in UniCredit Bank soft loans with a rate of 5.9% apply to the brand Subaru.