In principle, the question of borrowing money without interest all depends on the purpose for which you plan to spend it. For example, if the money is needed for business development, they can provide third-party private investor. Though he will not take interest, but will demand in return a certain share in the business or will claim part of the profit. Sometimes to provide free assistance to businessmen and the state can.

For individuals, the easiest way to borrow money free of charge to contact relatives or friends. However, they do not always have the opportunity to help. Often the borrower does not want to contact their loved ones because of the reluctance to give publicity to their difficult financial situation.

But way out there - sometimes, banks may offer interest-free loans that do not involve overpayments. It is worth noting that we are talking about a relatively small loan amounts and for short periods. To make them any major acquisition would be impossible. But at least contact the Bank - much better than the "borrow until payday" at microfinance institutions, the interest of which can reach 2% a day (over 700% per year).

Today there are two main options to borrow money in the Bank without interest - to arrange installments for a particular product or to obtain a credit card.

To issue credit in a Bank

Today, some outlets and companies providing services to the population (for example, installation of plastic Windows or installation of stretch ceilings), are a joint partnership program with banks, which involve making the installments on the goods. Money in the hands of the borrower is not given, but it is on the same day can leave the store with a purchase. The term of such installment, as a rule, limit 4-6 months.

In this case, the outlets take interest burden of the loan itself. Of course, no company will operate at a loss, so these percentages is already included in the original cost of the goods or such proposals operate on obsolete products.

It is very important to pay attention to absence in the contract of pitfalls. In particular, some banks are cunning and included in the contract of compulsory insurance or extra charges for the loan application. Despite the fact that these loans are technically interest-free, overpayment for goods deferred payments will be significant.

To apply for a credit card

Perhaps the best way to borrow money without interest is to get a credit card with a grace period. It can range from 60 to 100 working days. In this period, you can make any purchases in shops, cafes by Bank transfer and without paying a cent. It is important to have time to return the money to the Bank before the expiry of the grace period. The advantage of this option is that the credit limit on the card after the repayment is resumed and the money can be used again.

But it is worth considering that the cash on this card to remove unprofitable. For these transactions will be charged a rather big Commission - from 3%, or they are not included in grace period.

It should be noted that the use of credit money is not free will. Today, almost all banks there is a charge for the annual service of the card. It is in most cases higher than for debit card transactions, and the average is 600-800 p.