Why cut hair?

Paradoxically, the main reason the cross-hair is excessive care. The fact that sebum, which nourishes the hair structure and maintains its integrity simply do not have time to reach the ends of your hair with daily shampooing. Thus, the hair ends become dry and brittle, over a period of time will be impossible to hide from others.

Detrimental impact on all kinds of hair Curling irons and irons, as well as frequent colouring. Direct sunlight, wind, rain, temperature changes – all of these weather factors make hair dry and brittle. Also the section of hair may indicate a serious deficiency of vitamins in a woman's body.

How to deal with split ends?

Unfortunately, whatever is claimed in advertising of all kinds of air conditioners and masks for hair are split ends of the hair impossible. First, you need to trim the damaged ends of the hairdresser, and only after that to use a professional skincare to prevent cross-hair. It is not those tools that are advertised in glossy magazines and on TV, and they are not sold in supermarkets. Good assortment of cosmetics for hair professional qualities are typically in stores that sell equipment and products which are used in the work of stylists and hairdressers.

In the selection of these tools is a start not so much of their value, but from the presence in their composition of keratin and collagen. Keratin makes up the hair structure, and collagen enveloped him, moistening and protecting it from aggressive influence of environmental factors.
If the problem of split ends is not relevant to you, then you can use collagen and keratin in the prevention.

You can buy in the drugstore these tools, packaged in ampoules, and enrich them with your usual shampoo, conditioner or hair mask. The harm is already done, and after a few weeks you will be amazed how beautiful, shiny and healthy your hair steel.

In any case, to prevent the section of hair is much easier than to deal with it. It is enough to live a healthy lifestyle and to eat tasty and varied, including in your diet the fats, proteins and carbohydrates in optimally suited for your body combination. Every day at least a hundred times swipe the hair with a comb made of wood or natural bristle, and in addition, protect your hair from the sun or cold air by means of a headdress, and then it will be thick, strong and healthy.