Causes of split ends

Split ends – a fairly common disease, which in medical practice called as "trichoptilosis". It is expressed mainly in violations of the structure internal fibers of hair. Thus, this manifestation leads to a split hair at the ends. The risk of developing the most enhanced at the long curls.

The causes of this disease can be attributed to insufficient food. This is especially true for long hair. It often happens that all the useful nutrients and get only the roots and a small part of hair root zone. This relaxes the curls along the entire length.

In addition to the condition of the hair is affected their regular or systematic laying with the use of mousses and foams, hair dryers and irons. These devices and cosmetics is not the best way affect the condition of the hair.

Improper hair care can also cause the formation of split ends. Too stiff a brush, which greatly hurt the hair, improper tools to wash – this is enough to form split ends.

Weather conditions is another reason for this disease. In the cold period the hair exposed to wind, low temperatures, making them weaker. In the heat curls get a large dose of ultraviolet radiation, which makes them more dry which leads to split ends. It should be noted that the city's smog, soot and dust also makes hair stronger.

Ways to treat split ends

To make weakened and split ends of hair become full and getting enough food is almost impossible. The most suitable option in this case – their haircut. And only after that it is necessary to provide complete care for hair the problem not appeared again.

In folk medicine there are many recipes that help strengthen the hair, providing them with nutritious meals. For example, a mask based on egg yolk. For its preparation will need 1 glass of kefir, egg yolk, 10-12 drops of burdock oil. These components mix thoroughly and put on clean, damp hair, evenly distributing the mask on the entire length. Special attention should be paid to the ends. After 10-12 minutes wash off the mask with warm running water. The procedure recommended 2-3 times per month.

When the problem of split ends should also be paid to the diet. Often it is the improper diet is cause of hair problems. Remember: hair needs a balanced intake of protein, vitamins, iodine, zinc, copper and other nutrients. To help the condition of hair by adding in a daily diet of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables. Additional vitamins will enhance the effect.