First and foremost, the split ends need to be trimmed. The best thing to do is hot scissors. This procedure you will be able to hold your own at home. Twist the hair in a plait. In the opposite direction of hair growth, move your hand. Of the harness will stand out clipping the ends. Cut with hot scissors. Conduct this procedure once a month.
Reduce the number of split ends may facilitate the procedure of brushing the hair every two weeks with special oils. Best suited olive, burdock or almond. It should be rubbed into the scalp and the hair along their entire length. Wrap head with polyethylene, tie it with a handkerchief. Hold it all for about half an hour. After that, wash your hair in warm water with regular shampoo. Complete the whole procedure of balm-conditioner. Remember that even the most expensive shampoos deprive the scalp of natural fat layer, and dry the hair. That is why the cosmetic oils that you can put on the hair, will contribute to enhanced protection against aggressive shampoos, preventing further split ends.
Follow these rules for hair care. During drying with a hair dryer, and turn a cold stream of air. It will not overdry and burn the head. After washing, do not wipe your hair with towel, just gently Pat dry with cotton cloth. Never comb wet hair. Means for care and styling, purchase those that do not contain in its composition alcohols. Do not overheat the hair in the sun. During sun wear hats. In winter be sure to hide them under a hat and clothes.
Conduct regular head massage. This will speed up not only hair growth, but also their General condition. Do it with gentle circular motions, until not feel the heat.