Kimerly anomaly characterized by the presence of frequent dizziness and persistent noise in the ears. The patients have disturbances in gait and coordination problems, frequent point and regular blackouts. In some cases, loss of consciousness occurs, there are memory disorders and sudden muscle weakness. Against the background of these symptoms there are emotional and physical disorders, increases the risk of ischemic stroke. The disease diagnosis is made by radiography of the spine. Sometimes used magnetic resonance angiography and duplex scanning.


To treat the anomaly has Kimerly begin in the presence of specific symptoms and clinical signs of the disease. Patients undergoing therapy should follow some precautions to avoid worsening of symptoms. Therefore, patients are advised to avoid heavy physical exertion, sharp turns of the head, tumbling and sports games which are associated with head shots, or active movements of the trunk.
To relieve symptoms of patients assigned to manual therapy and massage of the cervical spine.

In the course of treatment is usually applied conservative therapy, which is conducted when signs of vascular insufficiency. Prescribers that aims to improve blood flow ("Sermion", "Devinkan", "reverse"). In the process of treatment the patient regularly appointed for coagulation monitoring blood coagulation and avoid blood clots. Also prescribed medication, which improves the realogic properties of blood ("Pentoxifylline", "Trental"). In the treatment widely used antioxidants, neuroprotective agents, nootropics (improve brain function) and metabolic drugs (for example, "Piracetam", "Pikamilon" etc.).
After removal of the vertebra is assigned to the wearing of the collar of the Trench for a period of 1 month for faster recovery.

Surgical intervention is rarely used and only in the case when the desired effect during conservative therapy did not achieve the patient's health is under serious threat. Usually, removal of the abnormal arc is applied with the appearance of decompensated vertebral artery syndrome, which causes lack of blood circulation and leads to a lack of collateral blood supply of the brain.

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