Advice 1: How to treat the anomaly Kimberly

Anomaly Kimmerle is a disruption in the development of bone arc of the first cervical vertebra. The disease is congenital and may not manifest itself for a long time or even throughout life. However, there are cases when the disease begins to Express symptoms from a very early age.
How to treat the anomaly Kimberly

The danger of the disease

The same anomaly Kimmerle can significantly degrade the quality of life, causing headaches and abnormalities in the structure of blood vessels, and as a result, and problems with the blood supply of the brain. The patient may for a long time not to suspect the presence of this disease. Because of its rarity and nespecificnomu symptoms Kimmerle anomaly is often diagnosed by doctors incorrectly that can also have a negative impact on the patient's condition. Often the pathology is detected accidentally on x-rays of the upper spine.

The disease may manifest symptoms and a short-term loss of vision, noises in the ears. Some patients have these fainting spells. However, similar symptoms can be observed in patients with low or, on the contrary, high blood pressure. Most often, discomfort may occur during physical activity or turning of the head. Sometimes patients are observed headaches, disturbances in coordination of movements, weakness of facial muscles, numbness. In some patients, there are involuntary movement of the eyeballs, tremor of limbs, weakness of parts of the body. All these symptoms might lead to a stroke in the brain.

None of the modern without surgery can not completely get rid of the disease. The patient with this pathology, should closely monitor their health, avoid excessive exertion, and at the onset of symptoms should immediately consult a specialist. However, the methods used to control the symptoms prevent your patient from unwanted effects and complications.


In the absence of symptoms of pathology does not require treatment. Circulatory disorders of the brain are assigned to drugs to control blood pressure and improve blood flow. Experts have also recommended physical therapy using massage. Widely used operations such as leech therapy and reflexology.

To avoid worsening of the symptoms, it is recommended to reduce the load on the upper spine. For this patient it is advisable not to engage in excessive physical activity. Also may be prohibited from performing heavy exercise that may cause injury the vertebrae. Surgical intervention in the treatment of the disease is extremely rare, and the treatment is based on preventing the onset of symptoms of the anomaly.

Advice 2: How to treat tremors of the head

Tremor – involuntary shaking of body parts. Tremor of the head is a symptom of serious neurological diseases and requires consultation with a specialist, followed by a complex treatment aimed at getting rid of the disease, which causes the phenomenon.
How to treat tremors of the head
Tremor of the head hard to treat. To reduce the jitters used all sorts of medicines, treatment of General illness and consultation with a psychologist.


Treatment of the disease can drugs that contain in its composition blockers for patients with high blood pressure. For the treatment of tremor of the head is also effective "Primidon", the daily dose which is prescribed by a doctor, but has a minimum value of 0.75 mg. the Drug is toxic and overdose can cause serious consequences.

"Propranolol" is assigned if the patient, despite his neurological disorder, has a healthy cardiovascular system. The drug is taken once a day after a doctor's prescription.
Treatment of tremor should be carried out always under the close supervision of a specialist-neurologist and psychotherapist.

In the treatment of tremor of the head are also widely used "Metoprolol", "Atenolol" and "Clonazepam". As auxiliary means is appointed intramuscular vitamin B6, which also has a positive impact on the patient. Also, sometimes therapy is added to medication, such as "Inderal", "Antelepsin and Diazepine".

Auxiliary methods

Among the traditional medicine for the treatment of tremor can be distinguished tincture of Valerian, motherwort and hawthorn. This mixture has a calming effect that has a positive impact on reducing the frequency of tremor. The drug is used 3 times a day for a month.

For the purposes of treatment to the tremor doctors perform blood tests, do an MRI, check the condition of the thyroid gland and internal organs.
A lot of stress, fear and fear also cause tremor, which may disappear after elimination of stress factors.

Often the cause of the tremor becomes excessive use of alcohol and drugs, but because for treatment it is necessary to undergo therapy aimed at the refusal to accept these drugs. Cause of tremor of the head may become long medication without a prescription or by prescription in enough to damage the nerve endings number. Also tremor can be hereditary. The disease can be cured completely only by mounting to the brain of special electrodes, which block the attacks head tremor.

Advice 3: How to treat the anomaly has Kimerly

Anomaly Kimerly is a pathological change in the structure of the cervical vertebra. The disease is the presence of additional bony arch, which significantly limits the movement of the vertebral artery and thereby cause a compartment syndrome. Because of this, patients have a large number of unpleasant symptoms.
How to treat the anomaly has Kimerly


Kimerly anomaly characterized by the presence of frequent dizziness and persistent noise in the ears. The patients have disturbances in gait and coordination problems, frequent point and regular blackouts. In some cases, loss of consciousness occurs, there are memory disorders and sudden muscle weakness. Against the background of these symptoms there are emotional and physical disorders, increases the risk of ischemic stroke. The disease diagnosis is made by radiography of the spine. Sometimes used magnetic resonance angiography and duplex scanning.


To treat the anomaly has Kimerly begin in the presence of specific symptoms and clinical signs of the disease. Patients undergoing therapy should follow some precautions to avoid worsening of symptoms. Therefore, patients are advised to avoid heavy physical exertion, sharp turns of the head, tumbling and sports games which are associated with head shots, or active movements of the trunk.
To relieve symptoms of patients assigned to manual therapy and massage of the cervical spine.

In the course of treatment is usually applied conservative therapy, which is conducted when signs of vascular insufficiency. Prescribers that aims to improve blood flow ("Sermion", "Devinkan", "reverse"). In the process of treatment the patient regularly appointed for coagulation monitoring blood coagulation and avoid blood clots. Also prescribed medication, which improves the realogic properties of blood ("Pentoxifylline", "Trental"). In the treatment widely used antioxidants, neuroprotective agents, nootropics (improve brain function) and metabolic drugs (for example, "Piracetam", "Pikamilon" etc.).
After removal of the vertebra is assigned to the wearing of the collar of the Trench for a period of 1 month for faster recovery.

Surgical intervention is rarely used and only in the case when the desired effect during conservative therapy did not achieve the patient's health is under serious threat. Usually, removal of the abnormal arc is applied with the appearance of decompensated vertebral artery syndrome, which causes lack of blood circulation and leads to a lack of collateral blood supply of the brain.

Kimberly has Kemerli anamalia of anomaly

Advice 4: How to treat numbness of the extremities

Numbness (paresthesia) is often a sign of developing serious diseases. In case of short clamping nerve may be feeling tingling. If the attacks of numbness occur frequently and are accompanied by weakness and pain, you should consult a doctor.
How to treat numbness of the extremities
Paresthesia of the extremities can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common are: diseases of internal organs, poor circulation, spinal disorder, diabetes, severe stress, systemic diseases of the nervous system. If numbness caused by abnormalities in the spine, apply immobilization of the affected spine (creating peace), prescribe medications that affect mineral metabolism in bone and cartilage.
Also use manual therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, remedial gymnastics. When overexertion of muscles of cervical region administered complex physiotherapy: manual therapy, myofascial release cervical-neck region, ultrasound, acupuncture. Sometimes used transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. When paresthesia is useful to drink vitamin B1 (thiamine). Capsules drug is taken with food. Good effect gives reception of vitamin B12.
In some cases effective are anti-epileptic means, for example, "Carbamazepine", "Phenytoin", in the same doses as for treatment of acute short-term pain. Analgesic drugs when paresthesia is useless. To treat numbness of the extremities using the following medications: "Magne B6" (preparation of magnesium), "Pentoxifylline" (vasodilating agent), "Finlepsin" (antiepileptic drug), "Antistax" (the cure), "Troxevasin" (venotonic and venoprotektornym), "Doxi-hem" (improving microcirculation drug).
When numbness is experienced daily at bedtime RUB their preparation "Efkamon", wrap the hands and feet of woolen cloth. You can wear socks and mittens. Throughout the course you will need 10 tubes "Arcamone". While paresthesia can use the following procedure: pour into a deep enamel container 1 l of water and 2 liters of milk, add 600 g of salt and 50 g of honey, heat the mixture to a temperature of 60oC. Soak in the resulting solution of the hands and feet for 10 minutes, then lay down in bed. The course of treatment is 10 procedures.
Helps the following procedure: 1 fill the basin with hot water and the other cold. Hold for 2 minutes, the hands in cold water, and my feet hot. Then at 2 minutes, the hands put in hot water, and my feet in the cold. Then RUB the limbs with a towel. Follow these steps daily until improvement occurs.

Advice 5: How to treat paralysis

First of all, it should be noted that the paralysis or paresis are not separate diseases, they are symptoms of some diseases and pathological conditions. Therefore, in order to determine how to treat paralysis, it is necessary to reveal and eliminate the reason of the disruption of conduction of nerve impulses.
How to treat paralysis
The main cause of paralysis is stroke, in the development of stroke, trauma to the spinal cord and brain, neoplasm, compressing the cerebral vessels, inherited vascular anomalies of the brain. So, how to cure paralysis? This requires the following:At break of the nerve plexus, as a result of injury, need for surgical stapling nerve fibers in the area of the gap.
In the presence of tumor, conduct prompt excision of tumors within healthy tissue, provided that operability of the tumor and concomitant pre - and postoperative radiation therapy. When large amounts of benign tumor or malignant neoplasm, is carried out a partial removal of the tumor, to improve the quality of life or prescribe chemotherapy.
In case of violation of cerebral circulation as a result of development of a stroke or other vascular disorders prescribed medication: drugs that improve cerebral blood flow (piracetam, Cerebrolysin);
drugs that enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain (galantamine, ghb);
- drugs that restore the nerve sheath and stimulating the nerve carrying fibers (b vitamins, Neostigmine, Galanta);
- therapeutic physical training and massage, in order to develop atrophic processes in the muscles, lack of movement.
- electrotherapy, in the form of destination), furnizarii to improve and restore nerve impulses.
- acupuncture, which consists in stimulation of certain areas of the brain, to restore nerve conduction fibers.
- balneological treatment, application of mud, hydrogen sulfide baths.

Advice 6: How to treat genital herpes during pregnancy

Genital herpes is a viral disease that affects the mucous membrane of the genital organs of a woman. Often, this pathology appears during pregnancy, which may further lead to complications and adversely affect fetal development.
How to treat genital herpes during pregnancy
Herpes is transmitted by contact, but is most common sexual transmission of the virus. The duration of the acute period of the disease is about ten days later it goes into a latent form. The virus remains in the body for life. The main symptoms of penile herpesis a rash on the labia, in the form of bubbles filled with a transparent liquid, which within a few days burst, and in their place are formed ulcers. A pregnant woman feels unpleasant itching and burning sensation in the genital area. The body temperature can rise to 39 degrees, a headache and a General feeling of weakness. If you have any such symptoms, immediately consult a physician to identify the causative agent and start a specific therapy.
If genital herpes occurs for the first time in the first trimester of pregnancy, the consequence of infection can be congenital malformations of the fetus, often incompatible with life. The virus herpesand type II has destructive properties of fetal tissue, only 15% of children in the case of illness during pregnancy are born healthy. Consider this factor when deciding to keep the pregnancy or to terminate. Recurrent genital herpes is less dangerous for the child, the blood of the mother in this case already has antibodies to the virus.
If the infection occurred after 12 weeks of pregnancy, treat the disease, using a variety of antiviral drugs. To do this, consult your doctor. In no case do not start to treat herpes yourself, as it may lead to negative consequences, both for you and for baby.
Antiviral drugs are available in the form of tablets, ointments, suppositories and creams. For pregnant women the recommended antiviral ointment, they are applied topically and therefore have on the fetus is minimal impact. For rapid wound healing, use rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, which lubricate the vaginal walls. The treatment is sufficiently long, give at least three weeks. In this disease, in addition to specific antiviral treatment, prescribed drugs for increase of immunity, which include Echinacea, b vitamins, leatherock and ginseng.
Pregnant women who have had herpes, must three weeks before the birth to go to the hospital to prevent infection of the fetus during the birth process. Usually in such cases appoint a cesarean section. Remember that before planning of pregnancy is necessary to conduct a full course of examination on the virus herpes.
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