The danger of the disease

The same anomaly Kimmerle can significantly degrade the quality of life, causing headaches and abnormalities in the structure of blood vessels, and as a result, and problems with the blood supply of the brain. The patient may for a long time not to suspect the presence of this disease. Because of its rarity and nespecificnomu symptoms Kimmerle anomaly is often diagnosed by doctors incorrectly that can also have a negative impact on the patient's condition. Often the pathology is detected accidentally on x-rays of the upper spine.

The disease may manifest symptoms and a short-term loss of vision, noises in the ears. Some patients have these fainting spells. However, similar symptoms can be observed in patients with low or, on the contrary, high blood pressure. Most often, discomfort may occur during physical activity or turning of the head. Sometimes patients are observed headaches, disturbances in coordination of movements, weakness of facial muscles, numbness. In some patients, there are involuntary movement of the eyeballs, tremor of limbs, weakness of parts of the body. All these symptoms might lead to a stroke in the brain.

None of the modern without surgery can not completely get rid of the disease. The patient with this pathology, should closely monitor their health, avoid excessive exertion, and at the onset of symptoms should immediately consult a specialist. However, the methods used to control the symptoms prevent your patient from unwanted effects and complications.


In the absence of symptoms of pathology does not require treatment. Circulatory disorders of the brain are assigned to drugs to control blood pressure and improve blood flow. Experts have also recommended physical therapy using massage. Widely used operations such as leech therapy and reflexology.

To avoid worsening of the symptoms, it is recommended to reduce the load on the upper spine. For this patient it is advisable not to engage in excessive physical activity. Also may be prohibited from performing heavy exercise that may cause injury the vertebrae. Surgical intervention in the treatment of the disease is extremely rare, and the treatment is based on preventing the onset of symptoms of the anomaly.