Consider carefully the application and do not rush to conclusions, examine the fine details. Adequately assess the situation, find the positive and negative side. If negative arguments are much more, feel free to take the decision about the refusal of theE.
You must be legally competent to make your own refusal, to the indignation of the reverse side to be sure they are right. In the upper right corner, write the name of the organization, the position of the head of the man to whom this letter. Below you can write the word "statement".
You are required to write failure to read to the end, it thoroughly and clearly needs to be spelled out points of failure. Questions the recipient after such letters occur in any case not be. If you write failure to any business partner, the failure should not imply a complete cessation of cooperation.
Competent writing failureand implies the right message to the bad news. Your words should be so correct that people did not feel negative attitude. The delicacy is your trump card.
Start with neutral start. This will psychologically prepare the client to bad news, to Express partial agreement that will invigorate your letter-refusal. Be positive, write the explanation in a good mood, do not use caustic words and abstruse expressions.
Formulate your thoughts clearly. It is recommended to use the passive voice. Never in a hurry. As a rule, the refusal is documented. Attach to your failureto have the necessary proof not your personal opinion, but the opinion of a team, company, business, organization. And finally, if required by the circumstances, give legal authority for their actions.