A simple tag to insert image in HTML mode looks like this: <img src="http://site/...jpg">
Http:// next is the address of the image in the network. If you don't know, click with the right mouse button on the image and click "Open in new tab". Tab and copy the link from the address bar.
When you insert image with this size tag will be same as the original. So choose images of smaller size (up to 500 pixels on the longest side or so).
Large images are approximately the same tag, but to adjust the image to fit the screen width, you want to insert the additional tag of “width” is the width. The modified tag would look like this: <img src="http://site/...jpg"width=1000>
In the example 1000 is the width of the image in pixels. You can change the size according to your needs. The height is adjusted automatically (aspect ratio is preserved).
When the above-described tags , the text is under the pictures. Additional tags allow you to place text to the left or right of the image – left and right, respectively. The complete tag will look like this: <img src="http://site/...jpg"width=1000 align=left hspace=20>
In this design picture will be placed to the left and text on the right, at a distance of 20 pixels from the image. The image itself will have a width of 1000 pixels wide.
Change the relevant settings to fit the image to the right of the textand, at a convenient distance.