Wear the earrings to become the first men. And it happened seven thousand years ago in Asia. According to other sources, it was ten thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. And did it in a people of noble origin, in order to emphasize their status in society. Over time, men's earrings spread around the world and gained a different meaning.

That meant men's earrings in the past

If you look at the history of Ancient Rome, you can wear a earring in the right ear could only slaves that were allocated to them on this basis. Among the notable citizens such fashion is highly prevalent it was not, but sometimes there was exceptions. Then the decoration was done very exquisite, precious metals and precious stones.

Gypsies have a tradition of wearing men's earrings, too, had its meaning. Earring boy wore, if he was born after the death of the previous child.

From seamen's custom of wearing an earring in his ear also had and has its own symbolism. It is believed that the captain, who was able to successfully pass Cape horn.

In Russia the Cossacks pierced ear if the left – the only son of a single mother, and the right is the only son in the family. If both ears are pierced – the only breadwinner parents, who were not supposed to expose to the risk of death in the war.

Earrings wore and thieves. For them it was a challenge to public opinion, contempt for laws human and divine. According to some beliefs, they all had the right to carry, and the other that only the gang chieftain was such a privilege.

Earring in the modern world

Modern life has brought about changes in the symbolism of wearing earrings in the ear. Today it is difficult to say for sure what it means this ornament in left or right ear of the man.

On the other hand, more or less common version is that on the right side it symbolizes homosexual men.

On the left side is just icing on the stronger sex.

But if the earrings in the two ears, there is no clear interpretation of this fact.

However, this is all rather arbitrary and, therefore, you can wear earrings, whichever you prefer and like best. After all, one fact that you allegedly put a female attribute, has said about originality and outstanding qualities.

Among the famous personalities who wore and wear earrings: will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, David Beckham, Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrey Krasko and others. As can be seen from the list, these people cannot be accused of gay, so... you decide to wear or not to wear.