Thrush is an infectious disease that is accompanied by a fungi Candida and allocation torontobased whiter.

Candidiasis, or thrush. Symptoms

A yeast infection can occur without apparent signs, and cause a lot of discomfort (itching, burning sensation in the genital area). Itching and burning is usually worse in the evening, as a day a woman spends in clothing. To identify infection by using microscopy. Treatment of thrush is necessary to approach responsibly. The same treatment should be comprehensive, one drug exposure is not enough.

Yeast infection treatment

The complex treatment included a diet (diet), hygiene and the treatment itself.

From food to exclude anything that increases the acidity of the vagina (sweetness, spice, spicy foods). It is necessary to drink as much fruit, vegetables, dairy products.

As for hygiene, if not respected, can cure yeast infection is impossible. Required wash the genitals a couple of times a day and use sanitary pads.

If to speak about treatment, it must be comprehensive. You need to use the drugs along with traditional methods. The necessary preparation will help you to choose your doctor.

Traditional methods of treatment

Methods of treatment are many, and one of the most popular is yeast infection treatment with baking soda (douching). This method is available to all because the houses have each a soda, and if not, then it is cheap. Soda is used in the treatment of many diseases, and thrush is among them. Of course, the use of soda is necessary after a visit to the gynecologist. Independently to make such decisions is not recommended.

Thrush is not "love" alkali, which is contained in the soda. If you use soda to cook from her solution, in the calculation of one teaspoon in a glass of water or two tablespoons per liter. This water to make a douching or washing away. These procedures should be carried out regularly during treatment (for five to seven days).

Please take note that the treatment with the use of baking soda acts as a support tool, or a means of prevention, and one can not do it. An integrated approach to treatment, observing the rules of hygiene and nutrition, use of drugs prescribed by the attending physician, to cure yeast infection is possible. To thrush for you never returned, follow the rules of personal hygiene.