Any activity, including household management involves planning. Only in our case it is a more flexible option, since all can at any time change, for example, if the child got sick, or had to bail out a friend, spending years much time, and my husband asked me to perform a few of his requests.

Let us examine the approximate timing plan for Housewives (if you don't have children):

  1. In the morning you must leave a personal 30-40 minutes, you better get cleaned up (wash, take a light morning shower) and drink a refreshing coffee or tea;
  2. As much as we'd like, but cleaning the morning essential. Most likely, in the evening in the kitchen still have a couple of unwashed cups, and the dust is already laid on the TV in the living room. Therefore it is necessary to clean the dust and be sure to vacuum. (15-20 minutes)
  3. Ventilate the room at least twice, once in the morning, after sleep. For the second time in the evening before bed. (10 minutes)
  4. Find something interesting online courses that will help you to broaden your horizons - let this be a related issue with your education, or regarding your hobby. Hours listening to lectures you is more than enough. (60 minutes)
  5. Be sure to review the news. Almost all the men are watching what is happening in the world, and that you need to keep the conversation on any topic that wouldn't want to talk to her husband. (20-30 minutes)
  6. Cook a delicious meal (if you don't eat much, just prepare for yourself to eat immediately for a clean dish, and not to wait until the evening salad will be juicy, and in such a bad way to bring to the table). (20-40 minutes)
  7. Be sure to sign up for fitness. And two or three times a week visit the gym and pool. First, you relax and enjoy, and secondly, you talk to those who spend time there, third, you will always keep yourself in shape. And do not be lazy! (60-90 minutes)
  8. After returning from a workout, take a shower. And 30 minutes read an interesting book. Your body will relax and your head will switch. (40-50 minutes)
  9. Prepare a fresh tasty dinner. Find interesting recipes that you haven't tried to surprise your loved one. (60-80 minutes)
  10. Before the coming of the beloved saservice table, don't let it be a restaurant serving it, but your appliances and decorate dishes are traditional, with a twist. (10 minutes)
  11. Evening dinner can be enjoyed at a pleasant conversation, under the sounds of melodic music. Music always relaxes and adjusts to stay.
  12. And smile! Find new and interesting classes, read books, listen to music, cook a masterpiece desserts, decorate the house. Feel a real woman.