The first principle of maintaining cleanliness in the house is "done - removed". Woke up one morning, made the bed, ran the milk on the stove, immediately wipe, played in the constructor put it in the box, ate the Apple – related stub in the trash. Unfortunately, ideal people who are able to adhere to this principle themselves and to train others to live, not so much. How to maintain order in the house everyone else?
Usually, in each house there is a kind of "pockets of disorder" - the surface in which very quickly accumulates debris, things that do not have their place, etc. As a rule, desks, computer tables, work surfaces in the kitchen, cabinets in hallway, chairs or armchairs, which accumulates taken from the clothes and so on. Find such places in the house and make it a rule to put them in order on a daily basis – in the mornings or the evenings. Usually it takes not so much time – no more than 10 minutes, but the apartment immediately becomes more well-groomed appearance. On written or desktops you can put a small trash baskets (but don't forget to shake them periodically). You will be surprised how effective will this simple measure.
If your house things "migrate" from place to place, get a basket or box that for be sent all the things are not in place. In the evening it will be enough to walk with a basket around the house and put everything in its place.
To floors longer retain its purity, a daily wipe with a MOP or wet cloth on the floor in the kitchen and in the hallway by the front door. It is from "posted" dirt in the house. Such a rapid rubbing of flooring will not need more than two or three minutes, but then you don't have to wash grime.
In order to keep your home clean doesn't take a lot of effort. Enough to make the bed, take a brush together with a detergent in the toilet and wipe the bathroom sink; wash dishes, wipe down countertops, stove and sink; to eliminate "pockets of disorder"; to sort things out; to wipe the floor in the contaminated areas and to take out the trash. The main thing – to do all this daily. Of course, these actions do not cancel the weekly cleaning by wiping dust and cleaning floors in hard to reach places – but you'll soon find that cleaning the house has become much easier, faster and more enjoyable.