Taste preferences of pregnant women

Often during pregnancy a specific taste preferences, the need to eat some product, or drink a certain drink, even if informed of such preferences were not. It is obvious that many products do not raise concerns for the child, but if there is a desire to drink beer, women in doubt, and whether. What then do the experts say?

Doctors strongly recommend to refrain from drinking beer during the pregnancy the entire pregnancy, including during the period of lactation.

The harm of beer for pregnant women

The first thing you need to remember pregnant women: beer is an alcoholic beverage. Maintaining a small percentage of alcohol compared to other alcohol, no evidence of the safety of this drink. Alcohol can have a catastrophic effect on the fetus, cause a deviation in their physical and mental development, especially during the first trimester.

Looks harmless, drinking a small amount of alcohol a pregnant woman, for example, a glass of beer on a hot day or a glass of wine for dinner is fraught with grave consequences in the form of occurrence of fetal alcohol syndrome, which can appear in the unborn baby.

But in addition to the alcohol in the beer contains various chemicals. The element of phytoestrogen, which has similarities with a human hormone, can cause all kinds of abnormalities in the fetus during its intrauterine development. Causing a decrease in the rate of growth and development, excessive beer drinking can even lead to death of the fetus.

The modern market of alcoholic beverages provides with the sight of a harmless beverage, adding to the name of the beer the word "soft". But is it safe for a pregnant woman's body? This drink is also fraught with many dangers. First of all, it is not devoid of entirely alcohol, therefore just as harmful.

In addition, non-alcoholic beer are added various chemical trace elements and preservatives that can cause a negative reaction not only in a pregnant woman.

Doctors ' recommendations about the use of beer pregnant

If even after what you learned about the weight of the negative consequences of drinking beer, remains a burning desire, doctors recommend to drink only 50-100 grams of the drink. Maybe this will calm the taste buds. But it's better to replace the beer to any other beverage or product containing harmless to the body components.

Remember that pregnancy is a crucial period for women. Unhealthy lifestyle and failure to comply with the recommendations of doctors during this period can harm the fragile body of the child. Drinking beer at this time is dangerous, and therefore should limit their desires for the health and happiness of their future baby.