From the beginning of pregnancy, a woman tries to do everything to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. For some 9 months of waiting for a baby are not a happy time of anticipation of motherhood, and challenging time constraints. Talk about a few common myths, urging to change the routine.

Myth 1. Impossible to do makeup and hair dye.

During pregnancy protective functions of the body are reduced. So arranged that the immune system did not reject the baby as a foreign body. In this regard, women are more likely to be allergic. So don't use an untested means to care for themselves. Continue use of cosmetics, which you had before pregnancy.

Myth 2. You need to move too much.

If pregnancy proceeds without complications, physical activity is not only permitted, but useful. Starting from the second trimester, when the embryo is firmly entrenched in the uterus, you can attend special exercise classes for pregnant women. If you don't like sport, walk more, don't put household chores on the other.

Myth 3. If a woman during pregnancy, knits, the baby will have the umbilical cord entanglement.

This assumption does not statistically confirmed. On the contrary, knitting can be helpful: it soothes, and it is important for a harmonious pregnancy.

Myth 4. It is dangerous to use mobile phones and computers.

At this stage of the development of science, there is no research proving the harmfulness of these devices for mom and future baby. But in order to avoid stagnation in the pelvic organs, a woman should sit at a computer for an hour straight. During breaks, stand up, walk, can do some light exercises.

Myth 5. Sex can hurt the baby.

Consult your doctor, who you observed. If there is no threat of interruption of pregnancy, don't limit yourself. The baby is protected by the placenta and amniotic fluid, so sex does it will not be reflected. Choose the postures that suit you emotionally and physically. A pregnant woman is extremely important to feel loved and cherished, and sex – a great opportunity for future parents to keep a great relationship.