The first document required is form T-10A duty assignment to be sent to a business trip and the report on its implementation. Signed its head office departments, and appointed by the Director.
On the basis of the assignments issued an order (order) on the direction of the employee in business trip and filled a standardized form of T-9. If directed several employees, then complete the form T-9a – order (order) about a direction of workers in business trip.
The first copy signed and dated by the head of the order is filed in the personal files of the employee, the second copy of the order shall be forwarded to the accounting Department for settlements.
The summons shall contain: surname, name, patronymic of the worker or workers, position and the structural unit destination (city, organization, country), time trip, its purpose, time and place. Sometimes indicated, which means the trip is organized.
Order (order) about a direction in business trip is the basis for the issuance of form T-10 – travel documents. This document confirms the stay on a business trip, that is in the form of T-10 are the time stamp of arrival at the destination and time of departure from it. Points can be several at each place put a mark on arrival and departure, they are certified by the responsible person's signature and company seal.
After returning from business trip the worker is the advance report and applies to it the documents confirming the expenses.