If your tablet has the operating system Android, you can easily fix the situation, no matter what brand your tablet, be it Samsung, Asus, Acer, Sony or any other.
You first need to check the settings of USB port on the tablet computer.
If you have installed Android 4.1.1, go to settings, scroll in the lower part. At the bottom you will see the "for developers", click the power button on the slider. Near the item "USB debugging" tick.
If you have operating system Android 4.2.1 open the advanced menu in the settings memory. In USB settings, tick the box next to "USB drive". In this mode, the tablet will be detected as a flash drive, then you will be able to go into any folders, modify them, add new files.
If the computer does not see the tablet, check the cable that you connect the device. Use only the original wire that comes with the tablet.
In some models of tablet PCs to connect, you should click the option "Connect USB storage".
The new models of computers and laptops can be equipped with USB 3.0, but because the data on the tablet when connecting may not work properly. In this case, try a different port on the computer.
The tablet can not be determined if the broken USB. To check the operation of the ports is possible if to connect a flash drive.
If the computer did not see the tablet, try to download the driver for your device from the official website.