You will need
  • - PCI-controller.
Install the fact of the failure of the port to your computer by connecting multiple devices, preferably of different types (phone, camera, flash drive and so on) in turn. It is possible that the fault lies in the plug-in via the interface equipment.
If, however, identified a problem with the USB in the computer, check whether it is available to all ports or only to some. If all don't work, reinstall the USB driver. To do this, download the latest version of USB 2.0 or 3.0, then install the software on your computer. If necessary, remove the old version of the driver.
If it was revealed that only some faulty USB ports or reinstalling the drivers does not resolve the failure, take your computer to a service center. You can only install a new PCI controller, splitters and so on, repairing at home here.
After you install the new ports in your computer take the necessary measures in order for as long as possible to maintain their working condition. Buy special cords, adapters and splitters, USBports. Also if possible, try to use the original non damaged USB cables to connect devices to the computer.
Try not to connect the damaged cables with traces of mechanical impact or where there are signs of defective goods. Frequently check the available updates for the USB driver. Do not connect to the computer the damaged device.
If you frequently work with removable storage use adapter not to damage the ports. In any case, do not perform repairs by yourself, also it is not recommended to ask for third party assistance in this matter, except for desperate situations.