Carrot salad

Small carrots should be washed and cleaned. Then it finely RUB on a medium grater, add the sugar and fill with sour cream. 100 g carrots you will need: 10 g sour cream, 5 g of sugar.

Salad greens

The leaves of the lettuce carefully move. Sticks should be separated. The leaves are washed in cool running water. Then finely chop them. Fresh cucumber washed and cleaned from the skin. It should finely chop and mix with chopped leaves and chicken egg. The salad is dressed with yogurt or sour cream. To prepare you need: 1/4 eggs, 50 g of cucumber, 3-4 leaves of lettuce, 10 ml of yogurt or sour cream.

Beetroot and cranberry salad

Beet wash, peel and boil in slightly salted water. Then it finely RUB and fill with cranberry juice, sugar syrup and cream. For preparing this salad you will need: 100 g of beet, 5 ml sugar syrup, 10 g of cream, 5 ml of cranberry juice.

Manne souffle

From milk and semolina should cook viscous porridge. After this is added butter, and all the consistency of well whipped. Allow to cool a little porridge and add 1 egg. Fresh Apple wash, peel, cut into chunks and boil in water. Connect the prepared apples with semolina and pour in the sugar syrup. The resulting mass is put in an enamel bowl, greased with butter. Preparing a soufflé on a steam bath for 30-40 minutes. For its preparation requires the following ingredients: 1/4 piece of chicken eggs, 5 g of butter, 100 ml milk 10 g semolina, 50 g of apples, 10 ml of sugar syrup.
Ready souffle Manne keep it in the refrigerator no more than days.

The broth

For the child of a meat broth, it is preferable to cook beef meat (sternum, scapula). Also it can be prepared from poultry or meat bones. Before cooking bones or meat should be well washed with water. At first the meat is boiled for 5-7 minutes. Then washed and boiled until tender. About 40 minutes before end of cooking in the broth add onion, parsnip celery, carrots. Onions should not peel and shred. Remove only the top layer of skin.
Onion pre-rinse well with cool water.

Celery and carrots cleaned, washed with cold water and cut in half lengthwise. Before putting in boiling broth, fry them on a dry pan until Golden brown. For 20-30 minutes until cooked soup salt. To prepare it you need: 10 g of vegetables, 300 ml of water, 50 g of meat, 1.5 g of salt.