Advice 1: How to insert person in video

To create a funny parody or a cartoon, to connect the elements of animation and film, whatever the purpose of your work, face replacement multimedia video helps to radically change the plot of the video and the impression of his viewing.
How to insert person in video
You will need
  • program Adobe Photoshop.
Often, such operations are performed by trained professionals using special equipment, with the required software, but with the help of programs can make virtually any user. Download program Adobe Photoshop from the Internet. If you have the software is on the disk, install the system in local disk of the computer. Version of the utility is almost irrelevant.
Select the video and several photographs, from which you want to cut out the face to insert them in the video. If you need to cut out a face from another video, then you will need to take a snapshot when playing the video (to pause and capture a frame and save it in a video editor).
In a special programme, using the necessary tools, cut out the face. In the software package Adobe Photoshop this can be done using a lasso. It neatly cuts out the pattern from the photo.
Paste on a transparent background cut the image and save. Decompose a video clip into frames. For each frame you want to place your cut image. Then save the video in his usual format, such as WMA or AVI.
Remember that in the video, the picture is changing constantly. If you leave the person in the video is static, it will be apparent to the naked eye, and videos look more natural, you need to choose some photos with different facial expression from frame to frame.
In order to contrast between the superimposed photo and the original was not noticeable, the edge you need to retouch. It is also better to choose a photo of similar quality with the video. As one of the options of the insert faces in the video, you can record videos using HBH projection (on a blue or green background) and using Pinacle, to frame the face in the video.

Advice 2: How to insert music in the video

Many of us during the work on the computer accumulates a lot of photos. It's all kinds of life events – vacations, birthdays, corporate parties, etc. Simple viewing them on a computer screen over time, becomes a bore. Many would like to add to the photo viewer music, but I don't know how to do it.

But in addition to photographs, the collection often includes videos of the same events. Many of us know how to shoot video with a camcorder or mobile phone, but do not possess all the skills of the Directors. So these movies are interesting only to a narrow circle of persons, who are familiar as the theme of the story, and the protagonists in it.

In such a situation, you can use the program from Windows called Windows Movie Maker. You can use it to compose, or even to orchestrate a movie, taking as a basis a collection of photos and videos.

Run the program by clicking start, then All programs and select Windows Movie Maker. In the opened window, the program prompts the user with a standard uncut set to create a "masterwork": recording a new video, a subsequent frame-by-frame mounting (with the addition of various effects and titles) to record the finished movie to a CD-ROM or hard disk of the computer.

Since the collection of materials for movies is already there, you can move on to importing them into the program for installation. For this you must activate the command "Import video" or "Import pictures". After selecting the videos, for example, New year celebrations, click OK and they will appear on the screen in the form of frames. To insert music to video correctly, you need the first frame to put on the playback of a music file. To do this, activate the command "Import audio or music".

The selected audio will appear in the main window of the program. Beneath this window is a visual display of the storyboard created movie. Drag with the mouse the desired music file in the beginning. For example, the first scene of the New year celebration, you can choose a music file of the corresponding subject, which placed as the first frame. Then go video - or photographic materials, but when you start playback first will play the selected music, and at the same time it will start displaying images.

But one and the same music should play throughout the whole video. Therefore, in order to insert the music in the video correctly, you must indicate on the storyboard, the time interval of the sound file. For example, a Christmas tune should end before the beginning of the dialogue, the acting person – the head of the firm or invited Toastmasters. On the time line can be seen, when the reproduction of speech – specify the stop time of the audio file for a few seconds before.

The following personnel do the same. In the video matching the topic of my presentation sound files, specify the time interval and the stop time playback. Thus, it is possible to mount a lot of videos that you can impress your friends and acquaintances and to feel like a filmmaker.

Advice 3: Why this is good video

Watching the news, chat with friends and more is on the Internet. But sometimes when you try to view any video problems. The reasons for such a phenomenon can be many.
Why this is good video

Videos on the Internet - a fairly common phenomenon. They are used on news portals, social networks and many websites showing the movies. Youtube in General is built on the video from users. Such a broad application of the popular "pictures with sound" sometimes has some problems. The user visits the website, clicks on the icon to view the video, but in return gets nothing. Leaving it to load, you can wait an hour or two. Slow loading of the video may have several causes.

First, it can be low-speed connections. For example, in the evenings your provider is unable to provide the proper speed for all users, as the influx is too large. The same happens on weekends and holidays. Do nothing you will be able - will have to put up with slow Internet, and, hence, with the download of the video. Or try to view the video at another time.

Another common cause of slow loading of videos is an obsolete version of flash player for the browser. Periodic version updates of the browser gives the user complete confidence in its correct operation. Older versions of flash player have an impact on both the uploading of pictures and videos. Try to follow the release of new versions and update to their output.

The problem with the uploading of videos also may be associated with the outdated model of computer or its software. For example, the dual-core models run much slower than four.

If all of the above reasons do not apply to you, then most likely, the problem lies in the video. The author of the video could make mistakes in his calculations, or the server on which you found the video, is not working properly. Server problems usually arise in connection with the influx of visitors. Often that a movie I want to see too many of them and the server does not have time to answer everything. Therefore, the transfer speed is greatly reduced, which affects loading speed.

Advice 4: Why slow loading video

After a hard day many people want to sit in front of the computer and watch your favorite movie. Today the Internet offers a huge number of videos for every taste. But somehow, unfortunately, the image is downloaded. What could be the reason?
Why slow loading video

A slow loading video on the computer makes the search for the causes of behavior and to take some preventive steps to avoid serious damage to the system. Slow fix can occur for several reasons.

The download speed may decrease due to the gradual "contamination" of the operating system. The normal mode of operation for a computer is considered as install and uninstall the different programs. Each installed program makes an entry in the system list. These records when you remove a program is removed incorrectly, which leads to conflicts in system operation. The more installed programs are working simultaneously, the more conflicts leading to slow downloading videos. To eliminate such problems , you can use the program CCleaner, which will restore the correctness of the entries in the registry system.

It may be that when downloading the video is the download of some program. Many programs are installed with a "startup" to start when implementing a particular command. Often on the Internet along with start downloading the video starts to load a window with the advertising content or online play. You must immediately to close the extra window, therefore the download speed should increase.

The reason for slow-loading video may be (which happens quite often) the presence of viruses or spyware. The virus during its "black" business takes the computer a significant part of the power, which of course affects the download speed. Viruses are removed a special anti-virus software (downloaded from the Internet or installed with extra media). Cleaning from viruses can also cause slow downloading. Sometimes to remove a virus you have to reinstall the system and all working programs.

It is no secret that the antivirus program "Kaspersky" very carefully checks each incoming from the Internet file. Therefore, the duration of any download from the Internet is increasing, and the computer works with the apparent "slowdown". Should try to put another antivirus program and restart the computer.

Advice 5: How to insert pictures into an animation

When you create motion collages, for copyright and other purposes it is sometimes necessary to insert photo, text or other image to an existing animation. This can be done with the help of a popular multifunctional video editors. Such as VirtualDub.
How to insert pictures into an animation
You will need
  • - source file;
  • program VirtualDub.
In VirtualDub, open the animationyou want to insert a photo. Select "Open video file..." section in the File main menu or press Ctrl+O. select the desired file. Click "Open".
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>
Activate the image processing of frames of animation, setting the mark at the point of Full processing mode in the Video menu. In the same section menu, select "Filters..." or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to display the window with the filters.
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>
Add a logo filter to the list of handlers of the frame. Click the "Add..." button in this dialog. Select logo in the list of Add Filter dialog. Press the OK button. Will automatically open the settings window of the filter.
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>
Perform the configuring of the added filter. In the dialog "filter: logo", click the button located to the right of the text field Logo image. Select the file photography, which must be inserted in the animation. If necessary, activate the option that allows you to apply photo given the translucent areas. Determine the degree of transparency of the entire image using the Opacity slider. Use the controls group Justification to change the position photo in frame of the animation.
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>
Save filter settings. Click Show Preview and make sure the correct location add photo. Click OK in the open dialogs. If necessary, check the correctness of the result by viewing the rendered animation frames in the corresponding pane of the main window (its display is activated by pressing F10).
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>
Customize encoding parameters in the output if the animation is saved in AVI format. In the Audio menu select Direct stream copy. Press Ctrl+P on the keyboard or select the "Compression..." Video section of the main menu. Select the preferred codec in the list in the displayed dialogue. If necessary, adjust it by pressing the Configure button. Next, click OK.
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>
Save the animation. Select the item File of the main menu (e.g. "Save as AVI..." to generate the file in AVI format) or subsection Export (for example, "Animated GIF..." to create a GIF animation). Specify the output file name and other parameters. Wait for the recording process.
How to insert <strong>photo</strong> <b>animation</b>

Advice 6: How to join multiple videos into one

From separately captured clips, you can mount a single film with colorful transitions, simulating the turning of pages, change of personnel. If you want you can buy it for credits, specifictime and other "ornaments."
How to join multiple videos into one

Windows Movie Maker

One of the most common programs for mounting and pasting of clips is Windows Movie Maker is an application included with the Windows operating system. To work with this program very easily. Enough to start it, choose in the toolbar (for convenience in the menu "View" select "Toolbar") the option "Import video" to add the files you need. Then you need to drag the fragments on the scale of the storyboard and to set between the fragments of the different transitions. If you wish for the next movie to add audio and music files, add photos, titles and names.
In the seventh version of Windows the application Movie Maker is missing, but at any moment it can be downloaded free from the official website and install it on your computer.

AutoMovie editing function allows you to record video in one of the available in the archive of the program styles. After that, you will just record the finished movie in the selected format.

Photo DVD Maker Professional

With Photo DVD Maker Professional really at the same time to create a few series and glue them a few dozen frames, and then create a movie with titles and videoprikoly, with animated menus and burn the finished project to disk, any other removable media, and choose the format most appropriate for download the Internet where your friends and acquaintances can view it online. To work with this program just only need to follow step by step instructions and to perform operations in accordance with the instructions of the wizard. If we talk about the process you Open the app. Select in the toolbar the category of "organizer" in the drop down window select "Add videos". Insert into project the images you are about to join. Then in the menu "Create" select the type of the output file and if you plan to record the finished movie to a disc, go to "Menu" and finalize your roller product.
Boilsoft Video Joiner is another good application, able to quickly and easily merge several video into one movie. The program has a convenient and intuitive interface and very easy to use.

Some more useful programs

If you are dealing with video, you may also need to install on your computer the software Ultra Video Joiner with which you can connect the required number of video files. Very useful and Nero Vision Xtra or Nero Vision, included in a software product Nero. This program is able to stitch video files, combine videos and music to break the finished film at the sections, which are very convenient for fast rewinding of film during playback on the DVD player.

Advice 7: How to recognize an unreliable person?

Errors in people adversely both in business and in family life. Charismatic, at first glance, people may be in fact unreliable, and the relationship with him is both romantic and business - can lead to large losses, moral and material. How to recognize unreliable and avoid problems?
How to recognize an unreliable person?


What is a reliable person

A reliable person, friend or partner - someone who will not disappoint your trust, will not throw in a difficult moment, share with you the joy and sorrow. He will fulfill the promises given to you, will not promise what can not do, will not throw words to the wind, will not fail and will not be substituted, and in adverse circumstances will help to get out of an unpleasant situation, sharing the responsibility with you. In other words, such a person will not disappoint your hopes. A reliable person is a great benefit, whether it is related to personal life or business issues. An unreliable partner, on the contrary - the source of many problems and disappointments. How to distinguish reliable from unreliable person?

The rule of first impressions

First impression - the most correct, psychologists say. However, unreliable people try to do everything to produce the most favorable impression exactly when they first met. Is there a view that people know everything about each other, not only can quickly transfer this information from the realm of the subconscious into the conscious plane of thought. You should trust your gut.

If you feel the slightest discomfort, try to understand why it happened, what the behavior of the interlocutor, you seemed awkward. Perhaps he is too kind, flattering? Maybe, his behavior is clearly sexual challenge? If we are talking about a romantic Dating - it is completely natural. But if we are talking about a joint business, transaction, business or project - it suggests that you are trying to "get on the hook" to use, and in the mind of your counterpart does not what he says aloud.

Than give themselves untrustworthy

Despite the fact that unreliable, but interested in you the person struggling to make a favorable impression, there is a whole system of subtle signals, which gives him away because he is not internally confident. Look closely, watch him, and you will discover a lot of interesting details that can not be concealed. The unreliability, that is, visible to the naked eye, the "crack" of the unfaithful is not so difficult, the main thing is to honestly admit what you see.

  • Pay attention to the eyes, catch his eye. Unreliable people try to look away, to look around or dropped his eyes down.
  • Another feature of the opinion unreliable: during a conversation about the important things it can withstand your opinion, but look like through you, into the void. This speaks of a stronger character, but instead openness for this habit of looking "through" the interlocutor lies the audacity and even cynicism.
  • Note how the dialogue. You have the impression that the interlocutor can't hear or see, stating your point of view? He tries to impress, as if admiring themselves and extremely concerned about the impression? It speaks of insecurities, you selfish egomaniac, and it is unlikely that your problems will ever cause him the desire to solve them together.
  • Listen carefully during the conversation, and as the man says. Perhaps you feel that you're hiding something under that topic of conversation? Your specific questions remained unanswered, but the caller turned the conversation to another topic? Looks like this person wants something from you to hide, and therefore, there are serious reasons to doubt its reliability.
  • Be careful with what intonation speaks to you the interlocutor. Subtle humiliation, awkward words that make you embarrassed, gentle barbs, the unkind irony - all this suggests that man has a "double bottom", and you have reason to doubt that his attitude towards you are kind and sincere.
  • Watch his emotions. Maybe exaggerated optimism and too bright prospects trying to trap you, to involve in relationships, which then become the source of problems? Your partner too much promises? Interrupts you? Do not rush to take him at his word. Everything that looks "too", should alert you, since it tells about probable try to "catch" you on the weaknesses and manipulate you. People talk about it, "lays Gently but firmly to bed"
  • Reverse option: the person defends himself in advance from possible expectations and illusions about him. He refers to some hidden circumstances over which he had no control, says that it is of little independent, alluding to the fact that it should not expect more than he can do. Most likely, you, or anyone, with a bunch of nasty secrets, and even the smallest promise he does not fulfill.

That suggests that before you is a reliable person

  • Reliable man will not hide his eyes, he will answer you sure open eyes, full of genuine interest.
  • In conversation he will be interested in and your circumstances, and talking about some kind of joint thing he will be similar to the person who solves the problem of addition. This is not surprising, as a joint affair for him - a reality, and it will estimate what you can do other to be useful.
  • Describing the project or drawing prospects for a common future, a reliable person expressed very simply, looks practical. The situation in the description is clear, clear and specific. Reliable people - realistic, they do not need to try to make a personal impression on you as the main thing for them is not it. Such people will not include charm, to seduce, to flirt in order to gain your attention to the person, as the main thing is for them joint business, referred to.
  • Reliable person will not miss a single question, will not miss a single nuance, because for him it is important that you clearly represented a situation that may be for you overall.
  • In talking about the joint or about the romantic prospects of a reliable person will not allow malice, will not attempt to hurt or subtly humiliate you. On the contrary, he is extremely polite, friendly, sincere. Sincerity is something that you can feel instinctive confidence in him.
  • Reliable person will not interrupt you, but rather listen to what you want to say, as in the relationship reliable people see first - mate, interested in positive results not only for themselves but also for you. In other words, a reliable partner will take care of that common cause and common future suit both of you.

Reliability needs to be mutual

Reliable is a quality of character. They say that people with common traits and attitude towards life attracted to each other. Take a look at yourself. Do you make promises? Are you able not to withdraw from the partner in difficult times and to share the responsibility? Honestly admit mistakes or looking for an opportunity to dump the responsibility on the other? Are you ready to take responsibility for their words and deeds, to fulfill its obligations?

These are all very important. Because reliability in relations should be mutual. After all, a reliable person, faced with the irresponsibility, unpredictability, cunning and unreliable, most likely, will not throw begun, but by the end - just don't want to have more business with an unreliable partner. So they are reliable people.

Is the advice useful?