You will need
  • program Adobe Photoshop.
Often, such operations are performed by trained professionals using special equipment, with the required software, but with the help of programs can make virtually any user. Download program Adobe Photoshop from the Internet. If you have the software is on the disk, install the system in local disk of the computer. Version of the utility is almost irrelevant.
Select the video and several photographs, from which you want to cut out the face to insert them in the video. If you need to cut out a face from another video, then you will need to take a snapshot when playing the video (to pause and capture a frame and save it in a video editor).
In a special programme, using the necessary tools, cut out the face. In the software package Adobe Photoshop this can be done using a lasso. It neatly cuts out the pattern from the photo.
Paste on a transparent background cut the image and save. Decompose a video clip into frames. For each frame you want to place your cut image. Then save the video in his usual format, such as WMA or AVI.
Remember that in the video, the picture is changing constantly. If you leave the person in the video is static, it will be apparent to the naked eye, and videos look more natural, you need to choose some photos with different facial expression from frame to frame.
In order to contrast between the superimposed photo and the original was not noticeable, the edge you need to retouch. It is also better to choose a photo of similar quality with the video. As one of the options of the insert faces in the video, you can record videos using HBH projection (on a blue or green background) and using Pinacle, to frame the face in the video.