What diseases may indicate severe weakness

Weakness can be not only a symptom of physical and psychological stress, but also disease. Especially if it is sharp, it is sudden and manifests itself very markedly.

Many diseases are accompanied by lack of energy, apathy. But severe weakness inherent in only a relatively limited number of diseases. For example, those that cause profound intoxication of the organism. They include: influenza, meningitis, tonsillitis, occurring in severe form, diphtheria, pneumonia, acute poisoning and certain other.

With some reservations to the causes severe weakness can be attributed to acute anemia, acute beriberi, vegetative-vascular dystonia, occurring in severe form, migraine, arterial hypotension.

Since the correct diagnosis and to choose the most suitable course of treatment can only be a qualified doctor, it is better with repeated bouts of severe weakness not to get involved with self and not hope that self-will, and seek medical help. Especially if these attacks there are other symptoms such as a high temperature, vomiting, severe pain in the head and muscles, cough and heavy sweating, photophobia.

Why there may be a sharp weakness

A sudden and noticeable loss of strength also occurs in cranial trauma, the loss of large amounts of blood, a sharp drop in blood pressure, or low difference between the upper and lower indicator. Also a weakness can often occur after a strong overwork, stress, lack of sleep. Finally, if the organism is exposed for a long time though not very strong but permanent overloads (physical and nervous), sooner or later there may come a time when reserves of strength are exhausted. And then the person will experience sudden and very severe fatigue. It is a signal that the body absolutely requires full relaxation! After him, as a rule, it quickly comes back to normal.

Sometimes acute weakness may occur on the background of deficiency of vitamins, namely vitamin D and B12. Their level can be checked through blood test. Also a weakness can be a symptom of diseases associated with the intestines, the heart or the thyroid gland. In any case, you should seek qualified help.