The Dukan diet-Lebedev and alcohol

Some people wonder whether the use of alcohol during any diet, for example, diet. Losing weight men and women approach this issue differently: someone from the Internet that someone is calling the nutritionist, someone starts to read special books.

If you listen and read the testimonials of people who have been through the Dukan diet, you can understand that among them there are those who say that alcohol is not prohibited.
Some proponents of this diet tell you that during the weight loss drank the cognac in small quantities.

However, if you really want to get rid of excess weight, you should pay attention not to, and to the requirements of the power system, developed by Dukan.

When women begin to master the popular Dukan diet, most often they just ask about the possibility of drinking. In response to numerous questions, the doctor and nutritionist Pierre Dukan said in his book that strictly forbids such behavior.

There is some variation to the usual weight loss methods, allowing a small amount of alcohol-containing products, and this variation is called the new Dukan diet-Lebedeva. In fact, the diet itself should prohibit alcohol, and during it there should be no exceptions, as in any other diet.

The doctor-nutritionist Lebedev argues that the use of alcoholic drinks on a diet will not be affected, because the result from alcohol does not change either for the better or for the worse. Roughly speaking, the alcohol has a neutral impact. Dr. Lebedev is proved by his own example the truth.

The main task of the clients of doctor-nutritionist was that they had to observe strict rules of diet and thus accelerate the metabolism in the body. It is known that alcohol has a devastating effect on the body and may slightly slow the process, but only a little.

Dukan diet and alcohol

If you do not consider the analog of the diet, and she herself, the alcohol can be consumed only on the 3rd stage. This is the stage of Consolidation. You can drink two drinks, for example champagne. However, there is an exception. Under Cruise, you can add two tablespoons of wine to any dish prigotovlena.
It is necessary to cover dishes when cooking was open.

People who are trying to lose weight through diet, try to listen to the opinions of men and women who were helped by this diet. About alcohol all say different things, but still, it is better if you will take into consideration only those answers that are written by doctors.