Take a piece of garlic and put into a hollow tooth for the night. The pain will subside. If the pain was caused by an infection, it is possible that the tooth some time to stop bothering. This is due to the fact that garlic has antibacterial properties.
A small amount of toothpaste to lubricate the aching tooth to get to the place where the formed hollow. Apply toothpaste several times a day until, until you are able to visit the dentist.
You need to roll up a cotton ball and soak it with drug But-Spa, which is available in the form of injections. Put cotton soaked medication in the tooth. If no-Spa will be on the tongue or mucous membrane of the mouth, you will feel an unpleasant bitter taste, but it is completely harmless. A cotton swab with the medicine to keep 8 hours, then to change to a new one.
To take a tablet of analgin and break off a little piece. Put on the tooth. The pain should go.
Dental hospital
So how to kill a tooth nerve at home does not work, then it is better to consult the dentist. With the help of modern drugs, you will anesthetize the tooth and remove the nerve.