Every child is unique and may react to temperature in different ways. If the baby maintains the fluidity and cheerful, it is not necessary to apply emergency measures to reduce the temperature. The body to cope with the cause of the problem, furthermore, this condition will contribute to the activation of the immune system. When the temperature persists for weeks, the child is lethargic and has no appetite, you need to act.

How to reduce the temperature independently

Malaise, chills do not delay and wait until the temperature goes down itself. First of all, it is necessary to undress the child and remove the diaper if the baby infants, the body a little cool down and recovery will come faster. You can also dampen with cool water and a diaper cover with her child.

If the fever associated with colds, it is possible to briefly immerse the child in a bath of cold water. Also very effective wiping with a solution of vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:4.
The world Health Organization recommends that to bring down the temperature, if the thermometer shows over 38.5 OS. There is no need to reduce it to values of 36.6 OS, enough to a safe level at 37-37. 5 ° C.

Do not forget also to give antipyretics. For children allowed drugs on the basis of three components: "Ibuprofen", "Nimesulide" and "Paracetamol". The funds, which includes ibuprofen, helps with acute respiratory diseases and will not cause side effects. Paracetamol suitable for young children, and quite crumbs it is better to use candles as suspensions and syrups often cause them to have a gag reflex. Funds on the basis of nimesulide are the most modern and are appointed depending on how much the child weighs.

Additional child care with increased body temperature

At high temperatures, the body loses a lot of fluid, so it's important to drink plenty of liquids. Babies under one year is quite suitable breast milk, older children – warm boiled water with lemon, chamomile tea or broth hips.
When the baby is sick and has a fever, do not feed him by force if he wants to do, because the body needs to fight infection, not to digest food. Instead of protein foods recommended vegetables and cereals.

Should pay attention to cleanliness and airing the rooms where the child is. Wet cleaning should be done twice a day with a solution of vinegar per 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons. During these procedures, the child should move to another room.