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Atrophic vaginitis (vaginal dryness) represents the irritation that is caused by scarring and thinning of the tissues of the vaginal walls. In addition, the impact of reducing the amount of natural lubrication. Cause of discomfort caused by dryness, which manifests itself in the form of bleeding and pain during intercourse, burning and itching.
Symptoms of this unpleasant phenomenon can serve as a strong and frequent urge to urinate.

It should be noted that the amount allocated to the vaginal walls natural moisturizing lubricant to each woman individually and varies at different levels. It is considered normal. As a rule, many women do not even suspect about its presence or absence in the vagina any liquid, as it is odorless and colorless. It is the time of sexual arousal may indicate its presence. After the liquid is produced in smaller quantities or not produced at all, the woman begins to feel dryness.

The perfect environment for the emergence of non-specific vaginitis and colonization of pathological organisms is the decrease of lactobacilli. Dryness in the vagina has a negative impact on sexual life of women.
As a rule, pain during intercourse, forcing them to avoid intimacy with a partner.


Dryness in the vagina can occur in women for a variety of reasons and at any age.

Menopause. As a proven, vaginal dryness often occurs in women at a certain age (40-60 years) to menopause. At this time there is naturally a decrease in the level of the female hormone estrogen. It is responsible for maintaining in the vagina optimal acidity and moisture. A decrease in this level leads to a pH change, weakening natural defense. As a result, significantly increases the amount of alkali. Thinning vaginal tissues and high pH contribute to negative penetration of infections. After this dramatically raises the probability of formation of cracks, open sores on the vaginal walls.

The development of dryness in the vagina can also contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions to modern hygiene products (shower gels, lotions and soap). When buying them you should prefer hypoallergenic means without the content of aromatic substances and dyes.


If dryness of the vagina occurs with a reduction in the level of hormones, specialists usually prescribe replacement hormone therapy without antibiotics. It is based on estrogen. This therapy helps regenerate the protective layer and restore function of the vagina. Hormone therapy may occur with oral use of drugs and local application (vaginal suppositories and ointments).

Individual contraindications of hormone therapy, mixtures of medicinal plants. They have a special ability to have a positive effect on the hormonal background. Eliminate vaginal dryness and strengthen the reproductive system drugs, which contain the extract, Niacin, Epimedium strelolist, upland uterus, hops. Before applying you should consult with your doctor.