You will need
  • - with three straight spokes;
  • yarn;
  • two-edged spokes;
  • - ribbon or strip of fabric;
  • centimeter;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • needle;
  • - iron
  • - elastic band;
  • buckle.
Tie the belt width required in the form of strips with bilateral facial loops. For a start, it is recommended to make the sample work, gaining a dozen stitches on straight needles.
Start knitting with the front belt loops. Then continue to perform a facial every second loop. While reverse loop (located between two front) must be removed nepovezane. The working thread should be always before you remove the wrong loop.
Please note that the first loop on each needle must be facial. The last in the series, by contrast, the reverse loop.
Linking a product of the desired length, close the loop of the last row.
Try to do an open (hollow) knitted belt. Initially dialed the number of loops divide into two equal parts and spread on the same pair of spokes. Place the needles parallel to one another.
Take the third (working) needle and provarite starting the front loop from one of the outside spokes.
Remove the reverse loop with another broken spoke. Continue to follow the double-binding pattern.
Use a couple two-edged spokes to work on a thin belt-strap. First you need to get a couple of stitches on one needle and purl them as the front.
Knit move loops to the beginning of the row and pull the thread by moving from left to right and back.
Complete front and act according to the pattern until you get the rope the right length.
Patterned knit wide belt is best with a large relief elements which are located vertically. When the finished product to crack down on the waist, the pattern will lie horizontally. Such accessory look good large geometric shapes – diamonds, ovals, squares, waves and so on. Having defined the pattern, the required model width and density of the knitting, type loop.
Tie the belt any embossed pattern and close the loop of the last row. To fix the shape of the product and shut it down the wrong side, pick up a backing tape or strip of fabric of the right color.
Cutting the lining to size with knitted belt and add the allowances to 1 cm and Fold them inside Tutuila. You only have to sew the ribbon to the underside of the belt the seam and put a decorative buckle store sewing accessories.
Knit a belt in the form of open strips is recommended for the subsequent threading of the elastic. In the same way you can run the straps for a dress or top.