What is homogenization

Homogenization is the process of bringing a product to the homogeneous structure with the help of special equipment. In this process, all components of the puree or juice is thoroughly crushed and mixed, with the result that the output is the mass of uniform consistency. This is because in the dense fruit juice must not contain lumps, because it begins with the feeding babies and it should meet their physiological needs.

Part gomogenizirovannykh juice includes all soluble and insoluble components of the chemical composition of fruit: fiber, polylactate, fat-soluble pigments and protopectin.

Packing homogenized SAP is hot: the resulting mass is laid in a vacuum apparatus and heated. The sterilization temperature is from 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. Liquid gomogenizirovannykh juice give with fruit grinding of raw materials to separate particle size not exceeding 30 microns. Due to the complete preservation of these composite particles, the value of the homogenised juice is higher than the value of clear beverages. For the consumption of diluted with sugar syrup.

The use of homogenized juice

Since the homogenized juice is produced without contact with air, they are not the oxidation of polyphenols and other physiologically active components. The natural color of the juice and vitamin C in homogenized products preserved by the addition of 0.1% ascorbic acid. Grinding washed and scalded fruit is in a homogenizer, the pressure in which allows you to adjust the degree of crushing and concentrating fresh juice.

The composition of the fruit of 85-90% water, 50% of which in the homogenization remove and return in the manufacture of juice, thus restoring his structure.

Homogenized juice made of any fruit and contain in their composition, such natural organic acids, like ascorbic, citric, malic, and so on. Manufacturers often added to such products of tartaric or citric acid for more pronounced flavour. The sugar in fruit juices are homogenized to add is not accepted because the raw fruit is initially sweet, but the tomato juice a bit of sugar and salt is still added (not more than 1.5% of the total weight).