Focal gastritis: features of the disease, its causes

Gastritis is an inflammatory process affecting the mucous membrane of the stomach entirely. Under focal gastritis means the initial stage of development of a pathology characterized by appearance of lesions on the inflamed mucosa. The sizes and shapes of lesions can be different, determined by the stages of the disease.

There are many factors, provoking the development of gastritis. Improper diet is the main reason. The delicate mucous membrane of the stomach becomes thinner under the influence of the oily and spicy food, too hot drink.

The activity of the bacteria Helicobacter pilori, calling themselves the inflammatory process without the influence of other factors.

Infectious diseases of the digestive tract, liver, pancreas, gall bladder.
Spa treatment gastritis is a rehabilitation event, whose task is to support the health of the patient at the proper level.

Bad habits – substances contained in alcoholic drinks and inhale while Smoking, inhibit the secretion of gastric juice.
- Uncontrolled reception of antibiotics can destroy the flora of the stomach.

Stress, combined with eating large amounts of food as a way of calming lead to the development of obesity, gastritis and other diseases.

Symptoms of focal gastritis

The beginning of the inflammatory process is preceded by abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, change in the nature of a chair. To show signs of the disease may or all at once, or just one of them. The difficulty in diagnosis of focal gastritis is the similarity of its symptoms with symptoms of other diseases, not related with the digestive tract.

How dangerous is focal gastritis? In the absence of timely treatment it can transform into a malignant tumor.
If drug treatment of gastritis did not give positive results, the patient performed gastric resection – an operation to remove a significant part of.
This is not due to the negligence of the patient to their own health, and the fact that the disease may not show its presence for very long.

Principles of treatment of focal gastritis

Treatment is always preceded by the elucidation of the causes of the disease. After establishing the degree of dysfunction of the digestive and retrieval gastroscopy specialist chooses the appropriate treatment regimen.

If the disease was caused by bacteria, the treatment is carried out several courses of antibiotics. It is recommended the patient maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoidance of stressful situations.

In General, the treatment of focal gastritis is prescribing, enveloping the gastric mucosa and creates her protection. In addition, the patient must take anti-inflammatory and restorative means, stick to your diet.