Gillian offers a variety of programs that are designed for different training levels and different muscle groups. The main program Jillian:

- BodyShred;

- Lose weight per week;

- The Biggest Loser Cardio Max c Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels;

Yoga Inferno;

- Killer ABS;

- Hard body;

- 5 exercises for each day;

- Body revolution with Jillian Michaels;

- To beat himself;

- For beginners;

- To lose;

- Lose weight in 30 days with Jillian Michaels;

Mouth - watering thighs and buttocks c Jillian Michaels;

- Jillian Michaels. Kickboxing;

- Strength training with Jillian Michaels;

Yoga from Jillian Michaels;

- Flat stomach in 6 weeks with Jillian Michaels;

- No problem areas with Jillian Michaels;

- Drive fat boost metabolism with Jillian Michaels;

- Slim figure in 30 days.

Content, everyone can choose for themselves a suitable load. As a rule, most programs Jill are designed for a certain amount of time (week, month, etc.). The trainer recommends to do at least 5 days a week and to combine training with proper nutrition. Only under these conditions, the result will be achieved.

The most common programs Jillian include: "Revolution of the body", "Lose weight in 30 days", "Flat stomach in 6 weeks" and "Slim figure 30 days". It is a versatile program which is designed to speed up metabolism and effective weight loss.

The program "body Revolution" is one of the most successful in terms of weight loss. It is designed for three months and alternates between several workouts for different muscle groups, between which there are days of cardio. In the first month of training is aimed at relief of subcutaneous fat. In the second month worked out muscles, the body becomes relief, and on the third month, removed the remaining shortcomings, considering the smallest details and the body brought to perfection. The program has helped thousands of girls to get in shape and achieve not just skinny, but very athletic figure.

The program "Lose weight in 30 days" is the base, it is recommended to start for those who want to lose weight in a month. The program is quite simple, consists of four levels, each of them is week, with each new level of load increases.

The "Flat stomach in 6 weeks" will allow you to pump up muscles, make it embossed, respectively, to remove excess fat from one of the most problematic areas – the abdomen. The program is very intense, it involved not only the muscles, but the arms and legs, allowing you to lose weight. Many of the program may seem boring, because the same control will have to be repeated for two weeks, after which you can proceed to the next level. Only three levels.

"Slim figure 30 days". A great program for beginners who do not have good physical fitness. Despite the fact that the program is considered to be one of the easiest results, after its passage is very good.

All other programs Gillian no less effective. Each workout takes place in an intense pace, under the guidance of an experienced and positive coach. Many of the workouts are shown two levels – beginner and advanced, everyone can choose for themselves a comfortable load level.

Tip: any, even the most intense exercise will not help you to achieve the desired result, unless you have adjusted your diet. Only in conjunction with proper nutrition (the right food, not diets) and exercise, you can achieve slim and toned body. If you limit yourself to diet, then over time your body will become lean and bony, beauty will help to achieve this sport. Only sports makes the body fit and slim.