Children love gifts. And everyone who comes to the house where there are kids, remember this and always brings something delicious or interesting. But a birthday is a special occasion. Especially if the man was five years old. The anniversary in some way.

To five years the child already perfectly aware of himself as an individual. He has certain interests, not like the neighbor child, for example. But on the other hand, in five of the baby are still no clearly established preferences. He is happy today one, tomorrow – another.

If the birthday girl – a five year old girl

The vast majority of girls by the age of five be a terrible fashion. They are not willing to wear the kind of dress that provides them with mom. A girl wants to choose the outfit itself. It is already important that the costume was good enough from her point of view. Girl I wonder what will come to kindergarten girlfriend, although more attention is still on his own appearance.

If the birthday girl is such, as described above, a fashionista, a good gift for her will be a beautiful dress or something else to wear. You can give and any accessories. Here, perhaps, it is important to consider two points. First – what are the preferences of the girl and her parents. And second – it is important to give a thing that will not be tasteless, because the formation of aesthetic taste begins with early childhood.

Another gift option. Corny, but there is no denying the fact that girls love toys. Mostly dolls, Teddy bears and all sorts of associated paraphernalia.
Easy to go to the store and buy a doll. But if the girl has a dozen dolls available, new will be of interest only in the beginning. Such a gift is unlikely to be remembered and be appreciated.

But, maybe that doll dreams of the birthday girl, and about a specific doll. Then, of course, it will be very expensive for her gift, even if the price turns out to be trifling.

All sorts of educational games, books, selected by the giver with love and awe, often not cause the girl expected delight. This moment is very sad adults. But we must understand that now is not the book famine, which was experienced at the time the older generation. May wonderful expensive Board game or book with a magnificent picture there in the garden, and the girl with them already familiar.

However, adults often want to gift was for the baby. It is quite normal and even commendable. Cases are known when the present is received at an early age, guided people's lives in the future. Chess can arouse interest in this intellectual game. And five years is just the age when you can start learning chess. Little Pointe shoes or a beautiful book about ballet, you may awaken the future ballet dancer.
Here, perhaps, the most important passion of the donor, his ability to convey his interest.

A little about "real" gifts

Sometimes kids give the birthday Pets: puppy, kitten, hamster, Guinea pig. Animals are so cute and the baby is so adorable playing with them! Such a gift will certainly be greeted with the most cheers.

But to give an animal just because it's "cool", is unwise. Because the animal will require attention not only to the child's birthday, but in all subsequent time. The child is five years too young to fully take responsibility for the animal. And are the parents to take home a cat, dog or some other creature? All these factors must be weighed to consider. And – of course – to consult with the parents of the birthday girl.

If the parents agree that the apartment settled the animal, then why not give your child a furry friend. In fact, communication with animals, caring for them is very beneficial to children.

Options to please a five-year birthday – the sea. Each person is unique and children are no exception. It is important to find a gift that will be not just one thing, and something more. And for this you just have to know and to love a particular child.