For year-old child is characterized first and foremost subject-manipulative activity, active kids copy the behavior of adults (wash floors and dishes, wash, his mom and turn the steering wheel of the car, imitating dad). A great gift for girls of this age will be a variety of play sets, for example, a truck with products, stroller for dolls, toy dishes large enough size, convenience store, Ironing Board, maid set and toy appliances.

Great gifts that will develop the creativity of the birthday girl are desktop drawing Board, finger paints, clay, intended for children of early age. Lessons with these materials to develop fine motor skills and imagination of kids, and improve their color perception. In addition, drawing and modeling lead to the indescribable joy and create perfect mood.

Two girls and boys experience a genuine interest in home or finger puppet theatre, and various Board games-liners, the hook-closure, large mosaic cubes and the game designers for toddlers. Lessons with these items a well-trained coordination of movements help the child to coordinate hands and eyes, and develop fine motor skills, improving their memory and attention, improve it.

Safe bet would be a gift oversized toy: game center looks like a house or castle, slides, swings, car-vans for girls. When choosing a present, keep in mind the seasonality, so for the baby born in the spring or summer you can pick up a tricycle, inflatable pool, playsets for the sandbox; for a girl born in the cold season – sleds or cheesecake for skiing the mountains.