The task is to choose a suitable gift 9-year-old girl - both complex and incredibly simple. A variety of options confusing plans and does not focus.

If it is difficult to decide what to give a girl, you can contact the company a wealth of options, win-win solutions.

The combination of pleasant and useful

At this age children already understand and comprehend, become more severe, friendly. They like to be in the team, they've had enough to know the world and wish for more communication. Gift for a child this age should combine something that children's, toy and at the same time educational. At 9 years of age children prefer anything, it can be a hobby, passion or love to the idol. Girls 9 years old are more conscious and often cease to play with dolls as before. Try to please the baby fun gift!

Gift options

In stores you can find products for every taste, the choice should not be, the main thing - to have a special gift. If the birthday girl like kids games, ideal for designers, dolls, educational materials.

You can buy a gift for a sports theme: balls, rollers, skis, bike.

Little fashionistas will delight in funny clothes, hats, handbags, umbrella, children's cosmetics. If you are invited to a birthday party and don't know which gift will be useful, I always come to the aid of gift certificates that are in almost every store.

No material gift will not replace the positive emotions that a child will receive a birthday. Take the girl to the movies, children's cafes, entertainment machines, walk with the whole family in the Park, ride on the rides. The field trip will also be interesting for the birthday girl, let your imagination run wild, in nature you can think of a lot of interesting entertainment.

You can arrange a holiday at home and invite little friends and girlfriends. Create a fun atmosphere: balloons, streamers, Fanta, cake - the guys from this crazy! Think of tasks and competitions. Small children usually remain in awe of invited animators and puppets, which today is huge. Songs, dances, and in the evening wee will pleasantly tired.

Useful and practical things, too, can choose gift: bed linen, nursery nightlights and lamps, computer accessories, watch, player, mobile phone.

Options, what to give, a lot. It is important to know Hobbies and temperament of the child. Even the most modest thing can later can be a favorite thing girls.