Causes of cracked heels

There are a number of causes that lead to cracked heels:
- insufficient or poor hygiene;
- overweight;
- excessive dryness of the skin and advanced age;
- poor circulation in the legs;
- wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes;
- excess or lack of vitamins in the body;
- poor diet.
Some people immediately begin to treatment of fractures, without thinking about the reason of appearance. It would be correct to go to the doctor for advice, and then proceed to fight with the problem.

Herbal foot bath

To prepare a healing foot bath you will need two tablespoons of leaves and of marigold flowers, nettle leaves, as well as two liters of water. Mix in a small saucepan herbs and cover with water, put in a water bath and bring to a boil. Then cool the broth to a comfortable warm temperature, pour into a bowl and dip your feet. Take herbal bath for twenty minutes a day. After the procedure, wipe your feet dry with towel and moisturize heels cream or butter.
In pharmacies sell special creams and ointments, serve to ease the skin. They are quite effective for the treatment of cracked heels. Apply onto feet, put on cotton socks and leave overnight.

Homemade ointment in the fight against cracked heels

To prepare a healing salve for heels, you'll need melted lard (you can use suet other animals or birds). Two tablespoons of interior lard, mix with a tablespoon of natural floral honey. Put the mixture in a water bath, melt until a homogeneous mass. Pour the prepared mixture into a clean jar, let cool. Obtained by means lubricate the heels every night, don't forget to wear cotton socks for best effect. To treat the cracks in this way every day, well cleaning your heels before applying the ointment.

Treatment of cracked heels using an onion compress

Clean the two small onions from the husk, cut into small pieces and grind in a blender (you can skip through a meat grinder). Connect the resulting slurry with a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil and same quantity of honey. All mix thoroughly, apply on clean skin of the feet, wrap the top with cling film and put socks. Keep the onion compress can be up to two hours, in the absence of bad feelings can be left overnight. After the third use of such a poultice, you will notice improvement, painful cracks quickly begin to drag.