You will need
  • - old driver's license;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - driver's medical certificate;
  • - receipt of payment of fees;
  • examination card issued by the driving school;
  • photography.
Sooner or later you, like any other driver, will face the necessity to exchange a driver's license. The reasons may be several:

- ended validity period;
- inoperable existing document;
- you get a different resolution;
- you changed the name, patronymic and/or surname.
In any case, please contact the division of traffic police in the borders of your region, that is in Moscow, which is convenient to you. The application for exchange of license (by the way, this is filled out by staff) please attach the following documents:

- driver"s license (if any – temporal resolution);
- the Russian passport (or identity card) with registration;
- driver's certificate (Medical certificate form N 083/U-89);
- receipts on payment of the prescribed fee;
examination driver card issued by the driving school;
- two photos 3x4 (for driver's license, left-hand corner).
For driver help, contact any medical facility authorized to issue certificates in the required form. For your area specify this information by typing the query in any search engine.
A receipt for payment of required fees will be issued in the traffic police, you will be able here and pay through the terminal. Photos also make directly in the office of the traffic police.
You have changed the name, apart from the specified documents and attach that on the basis of which produced the change (for example, in connection with the marriage – certificate of marriage).
If you renew the rights for another category, submit a certificate of graduation and pass the required category. As for the other reasons of the exchange, without examination replacement driver's license is to a person, who for the past 12 months was the experience of driving a vehicle.