If you are using a microphone and a cord from the standard DVD set, just connect the cable to the microphone. If you use the other set can be difficult. For example, the socket for the cable will be the wrong connector. In such cases it is better to consult a specialist or consultant for technology products.
On your DVD player there is a connector on the rear panel of round shape with a signature mic. Put the cord a certain party. If the microphone has buttons or small levers, switch them to the on position.
Connect the other cords to the TV, computer or laptop and a DVD, insert a disc with the karaoke, turn on the TV, start the DVD and use the numeric keys to select the desired song. For the most complete realization of all possibilities use a stereo karaoke speaker system playback. To configure it by using the remote control or pick up the disks with automatic settings.
If karaoke is not configured automatically and no sound from the microphone, then you need to configure manually. Using the remote from the DVD go to the menu and scroll to "audio Settings". Then go to "Sound" or "microphone Settings". Each model of DVD player different menu, but available to use, so there should be problems with the search settings. Find the option "Enable the microphone, or Play - enable karaoke", you Can adjust the sound of the speakers if the DVD was connected to the computer.
If using additional cords to connect the DVD to the speakers and the TV, the sound can be played from two sources at once. Just mute the TV with the remote.
On some DVD remotes there is a button "Karaoke". It allows you to go karaoke and customize all the necessary functions. There are special features, such as voice settings, Beck vocalist, adjustment of the reverb.
The desired page in the menu "Karaoke" choose with the buttons "Left" and "Right", and with "Up" and "Down" - we need the points. OK button - to change the settings of selected functions. To exit the menu, press Karaoke.