To start, set up your computer for singing karaoke. Connect a microphone to the system unit, open the mixer, make it activating. Click "setting" adjust gain to hear myself in the speakers. For better sound you need a new sound card, which you can buy in a computer store. For example, sound card Creative SB Live! 5.1 Digital (SB0220) Sound Card PCI change the tone online, improve sound overall, but the software (driver) you can download on the Internet. In addition, if you have additional sound card microphone for singing is greatly simplified. You just have to stick a plug in the corresponding input.
Download from Internet the program to play karaoke. There are many sites that have relevant programs. Just type in the search box Karaoke Player. Install the software on your computer. Log on to the settings option and configure it for your computer. Usually such programs convenient user menu, where everything is maximally available.
Better if you also change normal computer speakers with a more powerful, professional. Then you will be able to enjoy karaoke with friends.
For the best playback on computer install system software synth, such as YAMAHA XG SoftSynthesizer S-YXG50. In player settings karaoke enter this synth as a device that plays karaoke files.
Now restart the computer, locate the Desktop icon and program karaoke simply click it with the mouse. The program starts, select a song from the catalog, read the lyrics from the screen and sing into the microphone. By the way, some programs player offer karaoke singing online.