Spathiphyllum – women's happiness

This flower is one of my favorite contemporary women, because it is very beautiful. And most importantly, he is credited with magical power that brings women happiness. Lonely find your soulmate, the childless have children, married harmony and mutual understanding in the family, but you need to Spathiphyllum blossom, and are waiting for this moment with impatience flower care and cherish. Women's happiness in the care is not too fanciful flower for him, as for real life happiness does not need much. This plant is impossible to buy for yourself, it is necessary to receive as a gift.

Spathiphyllum flower without stem with large succulent leaves. When it blooms, it has a white calyx, inside of which reveals the cob with small flowers. Like many other house plants, Spathiphyllum belongs to tropical. Native to South America, in nature, it grows along rivers and swamps in the tropical climate. At home he needs to create the same conditions. Prefers warmth, plenty of moisture, like light, but is afraid of direct sunlight, tender leaves can get burned. In the summer you need to spray three times a day, and in winter only one. Watered abundantly, but do not fill, otherwise its leaves will turn black. Too much watering will lead to root rot. Not enough water – the leaves will turn yellow and wither.

Growers believe that water it, the plant must be year-round. Summer, spring, during flowering, the Spathiphyllum requires abundant watering. Pour water even in the pan, but be careful that the top layer of soil has time to dry. Winter flower watering too often is not necessary. Try to make sure that the plant does not dry out, but the water in the soil does not stagnate, otherwise it will ruin your pet in a pot. It is known that for watering, you can use only the water that was settled for 12 hours. To find out whether you water a Spathiphyllum, pay attention to its leaves. Dark spots appeared on them, indicate that moisture is too much, but drooping leaves indicate a lack of water.

Care for women's happiness

Like other houseplants, Spathiphyllum needs a transplant as it grows. Transplanted in spring into a pot, turned out a little more than it was before. If you choose a large pot, Spathiphyllum will cease flowering, the root system does not like a lot of land. People call it "vegetable fat" or "lazy." Due to the fact that this flower is the swamp, he needs the same.

Earth mixed with peat in the ratio of one to one, is placed on the bottom of the pot. The finished structure should be disinfected with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and is better to wait a few hours. Transplant must be carefully, so as not to damage the roots, before transplanting to shed profusely. Seat need by dividing the Bush, but you can from cuttings. The shaft take not blooming, cut off the roots and stick in the pot with soil, abundantly spilled, cover it with a transparent jar.

Spathiphyllum need to feed once a week, organic and mineral fertilizers. He loves the so-called "beer" feeding. To do so, take and pour in a pile a few Beers, mix with ten stacks of water, stir and let stand a day and then pour the resulting solution flower. The remaining liquid can be used in a week. Feeding weak tea is also good.

If you received a gift Spathiphyllum, let this flower will help you. And share happiness with others, because when you have something to give in return get twice as much. Give happiness to someone that you believe miserable.