Anyway, people who are unaware of his paranoia, in the world to live millions, and those who know about their disease. If you observe any person in his behavior, you can find a lot of symptoms of various mental illnesses.

What does the word "paranoid"

The word "paranoia" has Greek roots and means "madness." In practice, a paranoid is a person who has a suspicion to other people and absolutely could not adequately explain the cause of this mistrust. Such a person often takes things personally, he feels that he is being persecuted, talking about him, something plotting against him. The meaning of his life is a battle with the enemy - some real person who can him to be mentally or physically harm. But the victory of his enemy, he will find a new, transforming this action into an endless cycle. If time does not treat such symptoms to the doctor, most likely, sooner or later, the paranoid is dangerous to society.
But history knows many examples when paranoid was great generals or rulers who led their countries to prosperity and wealth. In other words, the Golden mean this concept is not.

To live next to paranoid?

In fact, those who have to live with the paranoid and tolerating his antics, I want to wish good luck. Many people live with such people, motivating themselves exclusively with pity for this man and hope to change it. However, this will not happen. The paranoid can help, and you, trying to lull his attention and reform, will only cause more distrust you.
It will take a little amount of time, and the main enemy of a close person is you become.

If you this man is deeply in love with, you just have to analyze his attitude to other people and not to let him feel the difference between you and him. Will perestupit through myself, agree with him in everything since the quarrel can only alienate you from each other. The main thing - to believe that this disease can be cured, try not to let go. After a long time without conflicts and quarrels you can try again to offer a close person to see a specialist. Try to do it carefully and gently, because any pressure you may get in response to aggression.

Due to the foregoing, we can say that with paranoid to live, but sooner or later when referring to the doctor you have become the enemy, not a friend.