Signs of the cunning man

Watch the man, see how he behaves, notice what he says. For example, if a person treats all others with great suspicion, and without any reason, it is possible that she judges others by his own example. The cunning man is wary of others. He believes that others also pursue their own goals when dealing with others. If you met a very distrustful person who suspects other people in unclean thoughts, it is possible that he is quite devious by nature.

Start intimate conversations with the person. Let's see how he will talk on simple human themes. Discuss such concepts as good, evil, honesty, fairness, self-interest. It can be done, using some recent event to the ovary of the conversation. Watch how sincere companion with you, whether willingly goes on contact or cautious. According to the degree of openness of a person can sometimes determine whether he is cunning or naive.

Sometimes the trickster is seen in his facial expressions and gestures. He will not once again to keep his hands in plain sight. Such people have developed a reflex that helps to lie and manipulate others. Cunning people may avoid looking directly at him. He will find a reason to look away. Time such person becomes shifty. There are persons who, on the contrary, will look you straight in the eye. Be deliberate, close, unnatural look can also be your warning signal.

Peculiarities of communication

From crafty person you can always expect a catch. If you already half believe that a person should not be trusted 100%, be careful in dealing with it. When a man offers you a joint event, think. Check out how he can use you for their own purposes. Matter how an action is profitable for you, because the cunning man skillfully uses an Arsenal of different tricks to fool you.

A good option to not fall for a trickster to take a pause for thought. For some time, you will be able to collect my thoughts, to objectively assess the situation. It will save you from rash acts, and you are caught in set nets. You can also restrict communication with an insincere person, to protect yourself from unpleasant situations. If possible, try less to deal with schemer and manipulator.