Gathering in large groups, butterflies look fantastically beautiful, but this beauty is a very serious threat to forests and gardens, as the caterpillars of baryshni - dangerous pests of the garden, they can completely destroy the fruit trees, not disdaining anything.

White butterfly pests of plants. Why so many?

The population of Barisic increases dramatically in good years, when enough forage base, the summer is hot and arid, with few natural enemies of caterpillars, and winters are mild and snowy. All this contributes to the fact that in the early spring begins a mass exit of plant pests from their cocoons. This usually coincides with Bud break on fruit trees, so hard to caterpillars start to eat the young buds and leaves, and a month later they pupate, which can be seen on trees, fences. Two weeks later, pupae adult butterflies and starts an impressive mass. These caterpillars are of Barisic actively abyudaya tree.


Boyaryshnitsy need lots of moisture, so often accumulation can be seen on the road after the rain, the flowers, drinking nectar. Butterflies themselves harm are not, they have done their dirty deed in the period when they were caterpillars. However, after the mass departure begins a period of laying eggs, each butterfly can lay up to 500 eggs, from which after half a month will be a new track, which will start a new cycle of development of this pest plant.


What pests are the most dangerous, anti butterflies

Among insects some of the most dangerous can be considered caterpillars Barisic, because they cause significant harm to adult plants and trees. Pest control supplies must be comprehensive and permanent:

  • During the accumulation of a mass congestion of caterpillars in the trees (somewhere in the middle of July), you need to treat plants with insecticides. You can use any tools designed for pest control. When buying, pay attention to what is written on the packaging with the drug. Very effective "Nitrogen", "Malathion", "commander", "spark" and others. You can collect the caterpillars manually, but with a large number of trees and caterpillars it will not be quite productive. In the market you can find also biological products, which are relatively harmless to plants and humans, but the insects break their system of life, why butterflies are dying. These include "Lepidocide".
  • Once the caterpillars get older, they begin to prepare for winter, building a protective nest of enemies. In the fall, after the leaves fall we need to collect and burn the nests of Barisic, which are very vulnerable at this point as well. This can be done in early spring before leaves. Control of pests the garden should be conducted in a timely manner.
  • In the garden you need to constantly keep clean, to prevent the growth of grass on roadsides and flowering weeds, to reduce the amount of nectar food for butterflies Barisic.

Thus, the fight against diseases pests the garden should be permanent, if you want to protect your fruit plants and not to lose the crop.