You will need
  • Naphthalene, aerosol from bats.
It is very important to choose the right time of year, try not to disturb bats in the winter. The cold and lack of food will likely lead to their death. Find out when a colony of mice offspring. If so, breeding adults may lead to their death. Wait until the end of the period of nursing young, he lasts about five to seven weeks.
Determine exactly where the nest of the colony. Look for their droppings, it has a loose structure and glitters in the sun, often located at the entrances to the nest. Try not to inhale the vapors of this litter, for people with weakened immune systems, they are quite dangerous and can cause histoplasmosis. If you find a nest fails, watch a night where the bats leave your home. Openings through which they fly, can be of very small dimensions, it can be broken parts of the tiles, the pipes and wiring out of the building, cracks in walls, joints mansard roofs and walls etc.
Knowing where the bats nest, print them out. Make a small bag out of a piece of gauze and fill it with mothballs. Wait until the mouse leave the nest and hang the bag. The smell of moth balls will deter mice. Bats tend to often return to their nests, so this procedure should be done several times.
For removing bats you can also use a special spray. Spray it in the nest site when the mice won't be there. Don't try to catch the bats that make it very difficult, in addition, it can lead to bites.
Getting rid of bats, make sure they don't enter your house. Making sure that the mice in the house left, seal all holes found seals, a dense material or mesh with small holes.