The best and proven way of combating the smell of sweat in our time are deodorants and antiperspirants, which destroy bacteria on the skin, and hence destroy the cause of odors, and not drown out the smell of scented perfumes, like perfume or a simple perfumed fragrances. Select deodorant is the most suitable for you type – they are made in the form aerosols, lotions, pencils and applicators, creams, and other species. Purchasing the deodorant, pay attention to what skin it is intended. Usually the famous brands there are several lines of deodorants for every skin type: sensitive skin requires one concentration means, and for ordinary – different.
It is not recommended to buy antiperspirants, which block the process of sweating, as sweat harmful to the body and you can cause overheating. Use deodorants that kill bacteria, but not stopping the process of allocation of sweat.
To reduce sweating, after a shower, RUB the body with a special lotion that holds moisture in the skin.
It is also useful to use after bath moisturizing oil and vitamin nutritional complexes for the skin. They maintain moisture, prevent excessive escape of moisture to the outside, and thus reduce sweating.
In hot weather remove hair on the skin in areas at risk of the allocation of sweat , for example under the arms.
Wipe your armpits after a shower easy soda solution or a decoction of oak bark. Also useful properties for the skin possesses a orange oil, which can effectively and permanently rid you of the smell.
Tincture of chamomile, sage and eucalyptus will also help to reduce sweating and to relieve irritation from the skin. Use antibacterial soap with moisturizer.
Going outside in hot weather, try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics and drink hot drinks. The same rule applies to shoes – your shoes should freely pass air, and socks should be made of natural fabrics. Carry wet wipes and deodorant, as well as observe good personal hygiene.