Advice 1: Where is the cheapest shopping in Europe

Girls love to pamper myself with new things. Many people spend unimaginable amounts of money to look stylish and impressive. However, in Europe there are places where the shopping can be pretty safe for your wallet.

Saving money – go to Prague

Analytical Cushman&Wakefield conducted a study which revealed the most expensive and cheapest places in the world, suitable for a good shopping. It turned out that in Europe the purchase is more profitable to do in Prague, capital of Czech Republic. In the historical centre of the city, on the street Pricop, you'll find shops of many famous brands.
The secret of shopping cheap Prague lies in the low rental value of the premises. Unlike Milan, Paris and other European cities, in Prague to shoot a commercial area not so expensive: about 2000 euros/year.

Special attention is given Prague during sales. This is a happy shopping time commodity prices reduced several times, allowing you the capital to update your wardrobe. Boldly look in stores popular brands: C&A, MEXX, Mango, UC of Benetton, ZARA, etc. Sales in Prague are in "classic" times: in January and July.

Recently in Prague began to erect common in the world of shopping centers. Them under one roof loved by many fashion shops of famous brands. Please note: the shopping will be even more profitable if you forget to claim VAT refunds. On it you will be able to return when you check-out some of the money spent.

Unique European phenomenon – outlets

If you are not interested in common brands, I want originality, expensive classics and big names you should pay attention to the outlets. Data shopping village gather under one roof the many stores offering things of past collections with a significant price reduction. Outlets you will always find phenomenal discounts of up to 70%.
Outlets can be in the form of shopping centres or "villages". Regular shopping discounts, mostly located outside the European cities. Access to cheap shopping will have to taxi or bus.

The cheapest outlets are located in Italy. They can find many high quality products from Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, Moschino, Armani, MaxMara, Balenciada and so the prices for things will be significantly lower than in a regular store. The only caveat: articles in outlets relate to past seasons. Therefore, the best purchase will be the classic fashions, accessories, handbags, shoes that never go out of fashion.

Most popular Italian outlets located in the suburbs of Florence, Milan, Rimini, Rome, etc. Also recently opened outlet village in Sicily. Shopping in this region can be most favorable because you can get there decides not to every tourist. So there are things in the broader range and size range.

Keep in mind: in the midst of a sales of purchase at outlet cost even less. With the existing low prices, the owners take off from 30 to 70%. So, if you have the desire to acquire luxury Italian boots or dress from a famous couturier, visit the outlets of Italy.

Advice 2: All about shopping in Rhodes

Rhodes – a beautiful Greek island every year to relax and discover millions of tourists visit. However, this place is great for fast and high-quality shopping. It turns out that in Rhodes you can buy national Souvenirs, high-end products and designer labels.

What you can buy in Rhodes

Rhodes is a small island, to circumnavigate it in one day. However, the size does not make it less attractive in terms of shopping. On the contrary, thanks to the compact to make purchases quickly and efficiently.

To bring from Rhodes can be many different things. First and foremost the attention of tourists attract a variety of handmade goods: ceramics, textiles, embroidery, carpets, leather goods (including shoes). All of the objects on display are often created by sellers of natural raw materials.

Another provision in Rhodes for cosmetics. It produces a variety of unique products based on natural ingredients. The main ones are olive oil and honey. They are part of the soap, a variety of foams, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetic products. From supplements meet aloe, almond oil, cinnamon, etc. it is Worth noting that all the ingredients are of organic origin.

In Lindos and Rhodes can be made more familiar to European travelers. There are many shopping streets and centers where selling all the most popular brands. There are also shops specializing in the sale of fur products of high quality and relatively low price.

Rhodes: points of attraction for shopaholics

All marked products are easy to find in the main city of the island Rhodes. In the New part are the most expensive brand shops with designer clothes, shoes and jewelry. Boutiques Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Trussardi Jeans and the same offer wealthy customers the last novelties of the fashion industry. Jewelry can be purchased in specialty shopping center Golg Vogiatzis: area 2400 sq. m. fully occupied by shops with luxury jewelry copyright.

Old town opens the doors to a slightly different shopping world. There are shops in the medium price segment, and various benches with the author's products of national crafts. Also in the old town of Rhodes you can buy handmade cosmetics and many Souvenirs.

Fans can purchase famous brands at competitive prices ought to go to the only on the island of Rhodes outlet. It is located on the outskirts of the same city. Here you can buy many quality items and shoes from past collections with discounts which may reach as high as 80%. Thus, we can easily become the owner of a chic Shoe from Hugo Boss, Armani suit or a pair of jeans from Moschino, paying several times lower than the original price. The only negative outlet: limited size range.

The town of Lindos is famous for its huge number of shops with things exclusively Greek production. Here you can buy quality clothes, accessories, shoes, home goods at low prices. Also in Lindos should buy pottery: the work of local artists was once considered the best in Europe. Pay attention to different things decorative purposes: they will become an excellent souvenir and a memory of the trip.

Cosmetics and natural products seasoned travelers do not recommend purchase in the major tourist centers: the prices here can be high, but the quality is lower than claimed. If possible, cosmetics is better to buy in small villages. In local independent shops and a wide selection of different means from soap to creams.
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