Germany is famous for the high quality of their clothes, shoes, Housewares and toys. The best conditions for buyers established in Berlin, düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt. In Berlin one can buy any thing, from design to extravagant vintage. Today, many shopping fans fly into this city for the weekend precisely in order to go shopping. In Dusseldorf the best sales in Munich presents all the European fashion houses, it is the second most popular destination for lovers of sales.

To guess the time of arrival, you should know the date of the beginning of the summer and winter final sale or timing under the Christmas or Easter discounts. It is important to understand that before the holidays – New year, Christmas, Easter shopping is not profitable to reduce prices. Customers already come to them and buy gifts for their loved ones, new clothes, and jewelry. Therefore, the purpose of shopping at this time – to lure buyers, here come into play different marketing ploys. Enjoy discounts and lower prices (quite possibly previously the rates were especially high), bonuses and gifts (their price probably already included in the price of goods). Despite this, the holiday atmosphere makes customers happy to spend money.

A winter sale in Germany, starts from the last week of January and lasts for two weeks. The goal of shops is to release the shelf from the winter collection goods not to store these things all summer. Because selling things last season in the elite shops is not accepted, they set huge discount – from 10 to 90% of the cost. Sometimes things are sold at a price below procurement in the loss to the store. However, such a policy allows you to quickly get rid of unnecessary goods and to update the range.

The same sale is happening in the summer. This is usually the last week of July – first week of August. In these days should come to Germany for the summer season of sales.